Veritas System Recovery does not support dynamic volumes on 4K native disks.

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4K native disks are supported from Windows 8 and Windows 2012 onward. These operating systems also support storage pools and storage spaces. Microsoft recommends using storage spaces over dynamic disks, as spaces also provide resiliency and mirroring. The following link provides information about dynamic disks that are deprecated:

Error Message

There is no error displayed, but on the Symantec System Recovery console for Windows 2012 and above operating systems, drive letters of the volumes may not be displayed or an incorrect volume size may be displayed when you create a backup job.


There is no solution identified for this issue.

Applies To

Windows 8/Windows 2012 and above; and 4K native disks with dynamic volumes created.

Product version

System Recovery 2013 R2, 16, 18

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