Server migration to new hardware by recovering the catalog

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Last Published: 2022-10-19
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Server migration to new hardware by recovering the catalog. Please note that these are general steps

  1. Get a good catalog backup on the old NetBackup master server before you start the migration process.
  2. In the NetBackup Administration Console, click on Help > License Keys > Export your NetBackup licenses. Put that file in a safe location, so you can reference it later when you need to add licenses to your new NetBackup master server.
  3. Check if the master server is hosting Key Management Services (KMS) database and backup if necessary - see: About backing up the KMS database files
  4. Copy relevant files to the network that may affect the new master server.
    • Examples: NetBackup touch files, binaries, scripts, hosts file, cron tasks (unix) or scheduled tasks (windows) etc.
    • Suggest running the NBSU (NetBackup Support Utility) command and saving the output file to a safe location as well.
  5. For the OS (Operating System), get the new master server in a state as close to the way the old machine was with Microsoft service packs, security packs, various patches, etc.
    • If the new master server has the same operating system version as the old master server, apply the same service pack that the old master server was on, and reboot.
    • Make sure the new server has the same hostname as the previous master server.
    • It would also be beneficial for it to have the same IP address, but it is not required.
  6. For the NetBackup server software, install the software as per the NetBackup Installation Guide.
    • Install it to the same exact location on the new master that it was previously installed on the old master, restore the disaster recovery package during NetBackup installation, and then reboot.
    • If applicable, update NetBackup to the same maintenance pack or dot release the master server had at the time of the catalog backup, then reboot again.
  7. Configure devices using the Configure Storage Devices Wizard if you have tape devices.
    • If you're using a library, make sure to inventory the robot so that the robot and NetBackup know exactly where the catalog tape is located.
  8. Recover the entire NetBackup catalog, via one of the methods below:
  9. Once all of that is complete, you should be ready to go about business as usual. Suggest checking to make sure all of your policies and media are there. Make sure media has a time assigned.


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