Veritas NetBackup Language Pack Known Issues and Limitations

Veritas NetBackup Language Pack Known Issues and Limitations

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Last Published: 2019-04-02
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This document explains the known problems and limitations that are applicable only if the Veritas NetBackup Language Pack is used. Unless otherwise stated, the articles are applicable to all French, Japanese and Chinese Language Packs. Unless this documentation has been updated or re-published for the successive releases, the same articles are applicable to them.

For the limitations on the Internationalization of NetBackup, refer to the “Internationalization and Localization Notes” section in the “Operational Notes” chapter of Veritas NetBackup Release Notes.



The following list explains known issues and limitations that are applied regardless of which platform NetBackup is installed to.
  • Multi-byte file path characters that are specified on one locale may not display correctly in another locale. This symptom happens, regardless of whether the NetBackup Language Pack is installed or not.
  • Some menu interfaces such as bp, bpadm, vmadm, and vltadm are not localized. In addition, multi-byte character handling is not supported in these interfaces. The GUI that performs the same functionality is localized.
  • Specific NetBackup keywords remain in English intentionally. These keywords include default media pool information, such as, NONE (or None), "the None pool", NetBackup, "the NetBackup pool", CatalogBackup, "NetBackup Catalog Backup pool", DataStore, "the DataStore pool" or ANYHOST.
  • Accessibility features are primarily for the English product to meet the United States federal accessibility requirements for software, as defined in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. For the English product, the features include the following:
       - Support for assistive technologies such as screen readers and voice input (Windows servers only)
       - Support for keyboard (mouseless) navigation that uses accelerator keys and mnemonic keys
  • Localized NetBackup supports keyboard (mouseless) navigation that uses accelerator keys and mnemonic keys.
  • Language packs are based on the English version and are usually released a few weeks after the English packs are released.
  • Language packs are not provided through LiveUpdate. Any maintenance packs or security updates installed through LiveUpdate to a system with an existing language pack could potentially cause problems due to inconsistencies between English and localized resource files.
  • Once the first release update is released, Language packs will becomes available for download from the Veritas NetBackup family technical support web site.


The following list explains known issues and limitations that are applied to NetBackup that is running on a UNIX platform.
  • Localized Manual Pages are installed in the locations listed in the following table.
    NetBackup 7.x Manual Page Locations
    (Character Encoding)
    French - France
    (ISO 8895-1)
    Simplified Chinese
    Simplified Chinese
    (Symbolic link to /usr/openv/man/zh_CN.GB-2312)
    Simplified Chinese
    (Symbolic link to /usr/openv/man/zh_CN.GB-2312)
    Simplified Chinese
    (Supplied by the English package)
    English - US
    (ISO 8895-1)
  • If Localized Manual Pages are not displayed or you want to display Manual Pages with the particular language all the time, then you can set the MANPATH environment that includes the targeted directory path listed below to search Manual Pages. Example:
    MANPATH=/usr/openv/man/zh_CN.GB-18030;export MANPATH
  • -M option of man command can also be used to expressly specify any Manual Page path and file name. Example:
    man -M /usr/openv/man/zh_CN.GB-18030 bpbackup
  • AIX users should pre-format manual pages with the following command:
    catman -M <MANPATH>
  • In hot-catalog email notifications, multi-byte character strings are unreadable. These strings are not corrupted, however. All of the messages and the mail bodies in a multipart MIME are encoded correctly at the MTA level. However,one part of the message header contains an incorrect header value (Content-Type:text/plain;charset=UTF-8). This header value causes the message to be mistakenly decoded by MUA. To avoid this issue, specify root@[localhost] or [localaccount]as a mail notification destination,and to use the mailx command to decode the email messages by using the system locale value before saving or redistributing the Disaster Recovery information message.


The following list explains known issues and limitations that are applied to NetBackup that is running on a Windows platform.
  • Veritas highly recommends that you use the Windows-based, Backup, Archive, and Restore interface for the client-side, user-directed operation to operate a Windows client.
  • When NetBackup client backs up a file on Windows, the path and file name of it are converted and stored with UTF-8 encoding in the NetBackup catalog database. However, the NetBackup Language Pack’s message catalog files are written with the supported encoding of each platform and installed to the NetBackup server and client. Consequently, NetBackup with Language Pack has a higher chance that multiple encodings exist on a single log file than NetBackup without Language Pack does. If this occurs, the path and file name that are received from the NetBackup catalog database appear as unrecognizable characters in the log file. This issue does not cause data corruption or a data loss.

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