How to Check, Set, or Clear backup mode on Enterprise Vault Stores and Indexes.

How to Check, Set, or Clear backup mode on Enterprise Vault Stores and Indexes.

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During the backup of Enterprise Vault (EV) resources with the Backup Exec Enterprise Vault agent, the account used for backup must have rights within Enterprise Vault to set and clear backup mode for Index Locations, Vault Stores, and Vault Store Databases.  The rights (or Tasks) required in Enterprise Vault for this account are:

  • EVT Manage Enterprise Vault Vault Stores
  • EVT Manage Index Location  Backup Mode
  • EVT Manage Vault Store Backup Mode

Along with the ability to toggle backup mode, prior to the backup of these resources, backup mode must be clear for each,



In order to test both the backup mode status and the backup account's ability to set/clear backup mode, the following steps can be used.

Log in to the EV Management Shell with the ID used for the backup job and test the following commands to set/get/clear backup mode. For more information on the commands, consult the Enterprise Vault Backup and Recovery Support Documentation available online.


Vault Storage - When entered as shown below, each command will prompt for:

Name: name of the vault store or vault store group

Server: EV server name

Object: vaultstore or vaultstoregroup


get-vaultstorebackupmode    To get the status of the vault backup mode. (marked True for Set and False for Clear.)

set-vaultstorebackupmode    To set backup mode.

clear-vaultstorebackupmode    To clear backup mode.

See Fig 1. below for example command and where each variable can be viewed/obtained within the Enteprise Vault Console.  Note in this view that both vault stores within this vault store group are not in backup mode.


Fig 1.

Index location: When entering these commands the EV server name will be prompted for




See Fig 2. below for example command and where the EVServerName can be found within the Enterprise Vault Console.  Note in this view that all  index locations are presently in backup mode.


Fig 2.

After Clearing or Setting, use the Get command again to check the status.  Be sure to leave the indexes and vault stores cleared for backup mode prior to running a backup.


Applies To

Backup Exec (BE) checks the status of Enterprise Vault (EV) when the backup job runs.

If BE finds EV in backup mode, BE will fail the job as something else maybe doing a backup on EV.

If nothing else is doing a backup of EV, the backup mode must be cleared so BE can find it clear, then set backup mode for the BE backup. After the backup BE will clear the mode.


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