Details of cloud providers and related enhancements that were available in 8.0.00 (deployed using the Cloud Configuration packages) are not available in 8.1.00 base version

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This information applies to NetBackup 8.1 installations which use cloud storage units.  New cloud support and enhancements (for example, new region support) have been added since the packaging of NetBackup 8.1 GA.  It may be necessary to download the latest NetBackup cloud configuration file and update the master server immediately following NetBackup 8.1 GA installation.
New cloud providers and related enhancements are continuously being added to NetBackup with the NetBackup cloud configuration file.  The NetBackup 8.1 GA release contains an older cloud configuration file.  A NetBackup 7.7.x or 8.0 environment may be already using a newer cloud configuration file than is contained natively in the NetBackup 8.1 GA release.  The latest version of the NetBackup cloud configuration file, for use with NetBackup 8.0 and 8.1, is available for download from the Veritas Support Website
The following cloud providers and related enhancements have been recently added to the NetBackup cloud configuration file since NetBackup 8.0:

Cloud providers
  • ACP IT Solutions CS3 Cloud (S3)
  • AT&T Cloud Storage (S3)
  • China Telecom OOS Cloud (S3)
  • Deutsche Telekom Open Telekom Cloud OBS (S3)
  • EMC ECS (S3)
  • Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS CD10000 (S3)
  • Google Cloud Storage – Coldline (S3)
  • Google Cloud Storage – Multi-Regional (S3)
  • Google Cloud Storage - Regional (S3)
  • Huawei Object Storage Service (OBS) (S3)
  • IBM Cloud Object Storage - Local (S3)
  • IBM Cloud Object Storage - WAN (S3) (custom endpoint support)
  • Oracle Cloud Service (S3)
  • Quantum Lattus Object Storage (S3)
  • Red Hat Ceph Storage (S3)
  • Scality RING Storage for LAN (S3)
  • Scality RING Storage for WAN (S3)
  • SUSE Enterprise Storage (S3)
  • Veritas Access (S3)
  • Amazon regions
    • Asia Pacific (Mumbai)
    • Canada (Central)
    • EU (London)
    • US East (Ohio)
    • Standard - Changed to “US East (N. Virginia)”
  • Google cloud storage regions
    • Asia East 1
    • Asia Northeast 1
    • Asia Southeast 1
    • Australia-Southeast1
    • Europe West 1
    • Europe-West2
    • Europe-West3
    • US Central 1
    • US East 1
    • US West 1
    • US-East 4
 Other enhancements
  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) – custom endpoint support
  • Hitachi Cloud Services (S3) - Changed to "Hitachi Content Platform - WAN"
  • IBM Cloud Object Storage - Local and WAN performance improvement
For the list of all the cloud providers available with NetBackup, see the NetBackup Hardware and Cloud Storage Compatibility List .

Action Required

Post upgrade, redeploy the latest the Cloud Configuration package. See,

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