Maintenance Release NetBackup Self Service 8.0.3 provides fixes for NetBackup Self Service 8.0

Maintenance Release NetBackup Self Service 8.0.3 provides fixes for NetBackup Self Service 8.0

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Security Vulnerability


NetBackup Self Service 8.0.3 Maintenance Release

This Maintenance Release provides fixes for NetBackup Self Service Windows x64-bit server.

This Maintenance Release requires NetBackup Self Service 8.0 be installed before applying.  It is a cumulative release so 8.0.1 or 8.0.2 does not need to be applied before applying this patch as it contains all previous fixes.


  • Some theoretical security vulnerabilities have been rectified in the new Request List and Approvals views
  • VCloud Director machines with display names over 41 characters were not protected
  • Backup Now of a vCloud Director vApp or vDC only worked with one Protection Level
  • Request Summary: in panel view the price field is displaying as zero in certain scenarios when it should be hidden
  • Request Summary: The Fulfilment retry option is not working in the panel view
  • Copying a protection template policy now copies over the policy type and file protect flag from the source policy
  • Security vulnerability CVE-2017-9248 was discovered in an included component

Action Required

Installation Instructions

The following steps must be carried out on any server where components of the NetBackup Self Service Portal or Adapter have been installed.

1. Log into server as Administrator.
2. Copy the Maintenance Release onto the web server.
3. Run NetBackup Self Service Portal 8.0.3 Maintenance Release.msp.
4. Run NetBackup Self Service Adapter 8.0.3 Maintenance Release.msp.
5. Login to NetBackup Self Service as a supervisor and check that the site loads correctly; this step updates the database with any changes. Once the update is complete the site is presented ready for use. If any problems updating the database are found, an error will be displayed on the home page, with a reference to the Error Log (available via the Admin > Support menu).


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