"VCS ERROR V-16-2-13066 (%server%) Agent is calling clean for resource (%RVGPrimary%) because the resource is not up even after online completed" may display for an RVGPrimary resource when Fast Failback for the RVG is not enabled

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When an RVGPrimary resource is configured in Veritas Cluster Server (VCS), the failover operation returns an error saying that the resource is not up even after offline completed.

Error Message

VCS ERROR V-16-2-13066 (<Server Name>) Agent is calling clean for resource(<RVGPrimary Res Name>) because the resource is not up even after online completed.


This issue is occurs if there is a failover and Fast Failback is not enabled for the primary RVG. In this case, a manual intervention is required.


To work around the issue, outside of VCS, run the following command:
# vradmin -g <dgname> fbsync <rvgname>

Use vxprint -Vl -g <dgname> to determine the status of the replicated volume group (RVG).

If the status displays dcm_logging and acting_secondary, Fast Failback is not enabled on the primary RVG.
acting_secondary This primary RVG is currently the acting secondary as part of the Fast Failback process. Writes to the data volumes in this RVG are disabled independent of whether the RVG is started or stopped.
dcm_logging Data Change Map (DCM) is in-use, due to either an autosync, failback sync, or an Storage Replicator Log (SRL) overflow.

There are certain scenarios where it is undesirable to see an acting_secondary flag from a vxprint return, but you may still have the same issue.

To enable Fast Failback, change the following attributes in the RVGPrimary resource:
  • AutoTakeover is a flag that indicates whether the agent should perform a takeover or online if the original primary is down. AutoTakeover and AutoResync are mutually exclusive attributes. To enable AutoTakeover, set it to 1.
  • AutoResync indicates whether the agent should attempt to automatically perform a Fast Failback resynchronization of the original primary after a takeover, and after the original primary comes back online. To enable AutoResync, set it to 1.

Warning: Enabling AutoTakeover and AutoResync may result in a takeover operation occurring in the event of a temporary network interruption. In general, we recommend performing these operations manually in order to allow an administrator to assess the situation. Only enable these options if you have a full understanding of their potential impact.

To perform the changes through command line please execute the following commands:

# haconf -makerw
# hares -modify <resname> AutoTakeover 1
# hares -modify <resname> AutoResync 1
# haconf -dump -makero

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