Failures when adding CallHome Proxy user names on appliances

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On NetBackup appliances with software version 2.7.3, you may experience failures when attempting to add CallHome Proxy user names. If you experience this problem, the following error message appears:

Error Message

CallHome Proxy Add
Enter proxy server name:
Enter proxy port: 3229
Do you want to set credentials for proxy server? (yes/no) yes
Enter proxy username: admin
- [Error] Enter a valid username.


The appliance software is incorrectly flagging valid user names as invalid for CallHome Proxy user configuration.


To resolve this problem, a hotfix is available for you to download and install on NetBackup appliances with software version 2.7.3. To access the hotfix, click the Download Attachments link on this page. The Related Article link provides more information on how to install appliance hotfixes.


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