The NetBackup 7.7.3 GA Release is a full media release for upgrades from any NetBackup 7.x version.

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The NetBackup 7.7.3 GA Release is a full media release for upgrades from any NetBackup 7.x version.

To Download Software at

  1. Locate the entitlement for the applicable product.
    • The Licensing tab will show recently added entitlements by default.  Customers can also search under the Entitlements section of the Licensing tab.
  2. Click the Entitlement ID for the applicable product
  3. Click Download next to the applicable version in the Current Version or Previous Versions tab
  4. Choose the download method:
    • Java:  Using the checkboxes and clicking Download Selected Files allows multiple files to be downloaded and requires Java
    • HTTP:  Clicking the individual download files does not require Java to download, and files must be downloaded individually

For Product Activation 

Veritas NetBackup 7.7.3 is activated using an alpha-numeric key string that is typically 20 to 36 characters long in groups of 4 characters, such as:

  • A1A1-B1B1-C1C1-D1D1-E1E1

Please refer to the License Certificate for details regarding the node quantity that may be deployed.

Determining the required quantity of licenses

This software offers multiple metering options:

  • Traditional Veritas NetBackup licensing determines license quantity per server, per client, etc
  • Veritas NetBackup Platform Capacity licensing, both Complete Edition and NDMP Edition, determine license quantity per front-end terabyte.
 How to generate activation

Product activation files and keys are available in MyVeritas.  To access product activation:

  1. Log into MyVeritas at
  2. Click Licensing
  3. Click Entitlements
  4. Select or search for the appropriate entitlement
  5. Click the appropriate Entitlement ID
  6. Click Get a Key next to the desired version
  7. Click Generate Key
  8. Enter the desired quantity based on the available quantity if prompted
  9. Click Generate
  10. The license key will be displayed, or option to download the license file will be presented

How to apply activation in Veritas NetBackup

Enter license keys by using one of the following methods:

  • During Veritas NetBackup master server and media server installation (recommended): The installation script includes prompts for license key installation.
  • Veritas NetBackup Administration Console: After Veritas NetBackup master server or media server installation:
    1. Open the console
    2. Click  Help
    3. Click License Keys
    4. Click New
    5. Enter the license key
    6. Click Add
    7. Repeat as necessary
    8. Click OK after all keys have been added
  • Command-line interface (UNIX only): After NetBackup master server or media server installation, use the following command:/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/get_license_key
This product does not display support expiration or licensing count information within the console.

How to apply activation for OpsCenter Analytics

In the OpsCenter console, to add OpsCenter license keys:

  1. Log on to the OpsCenter console as admin
  2. In the OpsCenter console, click Settings
  3. Click Configuration
  4. Click the License tab
  5. Click Add
  6. On the Add License Key pop-up screen, enter license key
  7. Click OK
NOTE: Veritas OpsCenter Analytics is available both in Veritas NetBackup Platform Base Complete Edition, and Veritas  NetBackup Platform Base NDMP Edition. It can also be purchased seperately as Veritas NetBackup add-on.

How to apply activation in Veritas NetBackup Self Service

  1. Click Admin
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click License
  4. Click Update License Key
  5. Paste the contents of the .slf license file.  NOTE:  .slf files can be opened using Notepad or a similar application.  Do not attempt to modify the contents, as this will invalidate the license file.

How to view licenses deployed in Veritas NetBackup

  1. In the Veritas NetBackup Administration Console, click Help

  2. Click License Keys
  3. Select the license details to view as follows:
    • Summary of active license features - Displays a summary of actively licensed features
    • Summary of active capacity-based licensed features - Displays the storage capacity for which the Veritas NetBackup environment is licensed and the capacity in use.  NOTE:  The summary does not display the amount of physical storage space or information on the Data Protection Optimization Add-on or Virtual Tape Option
    • All registered license keys details - lists each key installed, the server on which it is installed, when the key was installed, and the features activated by each key

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