New mailbox for old Active Directory user account may cause problems with enabling

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New mailbox for old Active Directory user account may cause problems with enabling

Error Message

Event ID: 3139
Category: Agent Client Broker

Description: A non-specific error has occurred whilst enabling archiving for the mailbox
Error: <0x80040700>

Event Category: Agent Client Broker
Event ID: 3188
Description: An error occurred performing a request to synchronize the mailbox /o=company/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=user.
Error: <0x8004060c>


If the following steps were performed, Enterprise Vault (EV) will by default associate to the same LegacyMbxDN value.

1. Create a user with a mailbox in Active Directory (AD).

2. Enable mailbox for archiving.

3. Disable archive in Enterprise Vault Administration Console (VAC).

4. Delete users mailbox and user account in AD.

5. Create new user account in AD with the same name.

6. Provision the user in EV.

The default setting can be overridden so EV does not link the new account with the existing archive from the old user account.

Create the following registry key SynchInMigrationMode with a value of 1 to link the mailbox to the original archive or 2 to create a new archive.

\Enterprise Vault
DWORD - SynchInMigrationMode

0 - (Default.) Generate an error in the event viewer log.

1 - Link the new mailbox to the old record.

2 - Create a new record for the new mailbox

Specifies whether, when migrating mailboxes from one Exchange Server to another, EV automatically assigns migrated mailboxes to existing archives. SynchInMigrationMode affects only the association between user mailboxes and archives; it does not affect the association between journal mailboxes and their archives.

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