Mining Data Protection Analytics Optimization with APTARE

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How do you gain control in a world of exploding data that is managed by multiple vendor tools across your hybrid environment? How do you get visibility across your entire infrastructure while managing rising costs and risks? Veritas has the answer: APTARE™ IT Analytics, which provides visibility through a single pane of glass across all major storage, backup and cloud solutions.

Join our webcast to discover how you can regain control of your environment with APTARE and:

  • Provide reporting and analytics across all your data, storage and public and private clouds.
  • Cut OpEx cost by 15‒20 percent for backup environments.
  • Mitigate risks across your assets, discovering where unprotected assets sit and providing chargeback and IT optimization.  
  • Predict failures and mitigate risks to service-level agreements (SLAs) with proactive recommendations.
  • Streamline audits and backup performance to ensure compliance.



    Hector Herrero
    Veritas Sales Engineer

    Tom Atanacio
    Veritas Sales Engineer