Make the most of what’s offered by cloud providers Part 2 of 3 | Sharing insights (and data-driven best practices) from our Truth in Cloud research.

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To be honest, cloud providers will give you exactly what’s promised when you sign their agreements: a place to build infrastructure, host workloads and drive applications. What isn’t included is granular data orchestration, cloud downtime planning or support in meeting regulatory standard requirements—the things most organizations did when they were operating in a purely on-premises model.

Really, many of us assumed the cloud would do more for us than providers ever agreed to do. So, how can we make the most of what is offered?

Join us for…

  • Guidance to confidently take on cloud data trends.
  • Perspectives on cloud backup from 1,645 cloud architects across 15 countries.
  • Best practices for reliable data management and protection for hybrid and multi-cloud IT.



    Anthony Cusimano
    Cloud Solutions Marketing, Veritas Technologies

    Guided by a background in engineering at Veritas, Anthony offers perspectives on cloud data management and protection that are industry-aware and technically rich. Plus, he’s very funny.

    Alexandra Matthiesen
    Cloud Solutions Marketing, Veritas Technologies

    With ample experience developing and marketing brands in the tech sector, Alexandra enjoys exploring the human realities driving today’s cloud innovations. Plus, she’s a pretty fast runner.