Hunting for new opportunities with our Microsoft Azure + Veritas Backup Exec Play in a Box Learn all about our new Microsoft Azure + Veritas Backup Exec Play in a Box Watch now on-demand.

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Whether your customers are already working in the cloud or considering a migration, Backup Exec can save valuable time and money.

Backup Exec’s integration with Microsoft® Azure–based on a 25-year partnership with Microsoft–makes for an easy proposition to customers looking for cost-effective cloud storage and fast, simple backup and recovery for all their data: virtual, physical and multi-cloud environments.

Join Brian White as he deep dives into our Microsoft Azure + Veritas Backup Exec “Play in a Box."

Brian White

Global Enablement Specialist, Veritas

Brian has more than 19 years of experience in the industry and has spent 16 of those years as a member of the Veritas Backup Exec engineering team. In his current role as an enablement specialist, he helps clients from around the world explore the business benefits of Backup Exec and other Veritas solutions. Brian strives to live a positive lifestyle and is always available to assist others when called upon.