Introducing Backup Exec 22: Continuous Improvements, Comprehensive Protection, and BE Simple Licensing

Backup Exec June 07, 2022

Are you a small to midsize business? Do you want to protect your data from cyberattacks? Do you want to work without worrying about losing your business-critical data? Then you are at the right place. Veritas has launched its latest version of Backup Exec (BE), 22. BE 22 is the market leading simple, secure and unified data protection solution purpose built to ensure business-critical data is never at risk of being lost, stolen, or corrupted.

Every business wants to protect its critical data. However, the financial impact of ransomware attacks, lost data, and the threat to cloud-based assets can be overwhelming. Veritas created BE 22 to bridge those gaps.  

Continuous Improvement is the Backup Exec Way

Being an industry leader, Veritas updates its data protection solutions very frequently. For Backup Exec, updates are pushed many times throughout the year. The latest updates help solve new-found issues to provide enhanced security. Our latest update is version 22 of Backup Exec. 

Backup Exec is the data backup and recovery solution for small to midsize businesses. Trusted by over 45,000 businesses worldwide, Backup Exec is a simple yet powerful solution to protect your business-critical data. 

The simple, secure, and unified data protection solution, Backup Exec 22 offers the following advantages, at affordable prices:

  • Built-in data protection for Microsoft 365 One Drive and exchange data. 

  • More cloud capabilities that provide seamless protection from a single console. 

  • More operational simplicity allows you to get more done in less time. 

  • BE simple subscription licensing updates to help you understand and scale the solution whenever needed. 

Simplified Licensing = Comprehensive Protection

The primary feedback from our partners and customers was to simplify the current licensing approach. Veritas provided three license editions for different business needs. These were Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Businesses would choose the edition they required the most at the time. In addition, they could change their licensing edition as their data landscapes evolved.  

However, understanding and transitioning from one edition to another was too complex as data landscapes and the protection needs evolved. As a result, we decided to simplify the licensing by introducing a single subscription offering that includes all features and functionality formerly divided into the Bronze, Silver, and Gold editions – including new support for Microsoft 365 data protection – that we refer to as the BE Simple subscription licensing. Access to all the product features in a single simplified subscription offering makes it easier to scale the solution, growing or changing alongside your data protection needs.

We developed a BE Simple License Calculator to show how simple it is to determine your licensing needs with this simplified licensing approach.

Providing Protection for Microsoft 365 Data

Backup Exec 22 now enables its users to protect their Microsoft 365, OneDrive, and Exchange Online data. 

Every business loves Microsoft 365 because it increases efficiency throughout your entire business. It lets your organization create, collaborate, and communicate seamlessly. The various advantages of using Microsoft 365 are:

  • No more manual patching

  • No more up-gradation of vital systems used in daily operations

  • Better control and predictability of IT expenses

  • Secured cloud

The cloud is certainly more secure than many other alternatives. Its automatic upgrades and patching feature limit unwanted intrusion and malicious activities. In addition, data is stored in dispersed locations, making it less susceptible to local natural disasters. 

However, cloud vendors do not provide the backup of your data that you can control. Microsoft also does whatever it can to limit downtime and data loss. But at the end of the day, it is your responsibility to protect your data.

The only way to protect your data is by taking control of it. Create a separate copy of your data and store it at a separate location, accessible only to you. Complete assurance of protecting your data from loss or disruptions comes only by taking responsibility for it. 

Many backup vendors offer separate add-on products for enabling the protection of Microsoft 365, but it comes with an additional cost. And who wants an additional expense just for protecting a newer component of their overall IT infrastructure?    

Veritas’ Backup Exec is your solution. It gives a backup of your Microsoft 365 data built into a single solution. It is fully integrated into the already comprehensive backup solution without any additional expense. 

Backup Exec is trusted by 45,000 businesses all over the world. It’s time for you to enjoy the comprehensive yet simple data protection capabilities of Veritas’ Backup Exec.  

To learn more about the latest release and what was included in prior releases of Backup Exec, visit our what’s new page to learn more.

The Many Challenges Our BE Customers Face Today

Backup Exec 22 is a powerful solution that protects your data wherever it lives - physical, virtual, and cloud. As Veritas focuses on providing complete customer satisfaction, its product aims to solve numerous problems like:

  • Comprehensive Protection: One issue prevalent in our target market is that it struggles to find a data protection solution to protect its entire data landscape with diverse workloads and data protection needs. But Backup Exec solves this challenge by providing comprehensive protection to your business. 

  • Protection from Ransomware: Ransomware and cyber attacks are on the rise. Customers need a solution to protect their data from such attacks. We provide protection primarily through system hardening (two-factor authentication) and lockdown (encryption) of the backup data. In addition, we provide restoration of data if your environment is attacked, taken, or corrupted. 

  • Reliable Vendor: Veritas is the most reliable vendor in the industry. We have already won the trust of 45,000 businesses worldwide. We have stood the test of time by innovating our products and providing great customer service.  

  • Simplified Solution: Backup Exec offers a single solution capable of protecting everything across the customer’s environment without adding-on products, separate fees, and management’s UIs.  

  • Cloud Data Protection: Data stored in the cloud is less secure than we believe. It is susceptible to theft, loss, and corruption. Customers need a way to own the protection of their data stored in the cloud. Veritas provides you that right. 

BE22: Equipped with All the Best Features

Veritas created BE22 to give all-around data protection to your businesses. Along with the features of recent versions of Backup Exec, these are the highlights of recent enhancements.

  • Simplified Licensing: The new simplified subscription licensing is easier to understand, simple to expand, and includes all product functionality. Licensing is metered via an instance-based subscription model that provides all Backup Exec features and functions without limit.  

  • Microsoft 365 Protection: Our competitors charge extra for protecting Microsoft 365 and generally require a separate add-on product for this feature. But Veritas offers protection of Microsoft 365 One Drive and exchange of online data without any additional expenses.

  • Support for WORM Immutable Storage: Backup Exec users can create WORM (Write Once, Read More) enabled backup sets for the following technologies- DataDomain Open Storage Technology (OST) Object Lock and Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 Object Lock. 

  • Cloud Deduplication: Minimize your network traffic and save on storage space required for your backups, whether using on-prem storage or cloud storage. Moreover, users receive improvements in mount time of media during backup to the deduplication storage folder.  

  • VMware Asynchronous Read Performance Improvements: The Backup Exec Agent for VMware users will now benefit from significant backup job performance improvements for virtual machines. 

About Veritas

Veritas Technologies is a leader in multi-cloud data management. Over 80,000 customers—including 87% of the Fortune Global 500—rely on us to help ensure the protection, recoverability, and compliance of their data. We have a reputation for reliability at scale, which delivers the resilience our customers need against the disruptions threatened by cyberattacks, like ransomware. No other vendor is able to match our ability to execute, with support for 800+ data sources, 100+ operating systems, 1,400+ storage targets, and 60+ clouds.

Veritas Technologies is a global leader in data protection and availability. Over 80,000 customers – including 87 percent of the Fortune Global 500 – rely on us to abstract IT complexity and simplify data management. As a result, our organization is uniquely equipped to help organizations of all sizes conquer the complexity of managing and protecting their business-critical data. 

Choose Veritas’ Backup Exec Version 22 for Total Protection

The latest version of Backup Exec, 22 will simplify your data protection and management experience. 

It offers numerous benefits, as discussed above. Plus, now we offer two new features

  • Simplified licensing subscription

  • Microsoft 365 protection 

without any additional product or expense. The much-loved features of recent upgrades are also included to give all-around protection to your business environment.  

So, what are you waiting for? Try it today and test the right solution for your data protection needs. 

Jason Von Eberstein
Senior Principle Product Manager
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