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Fast, cost-effective, unified backup and recovery.



  • Protection against Ransomware with a secure console
  • Integration with Azure Site Recovery for Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)
  • Seamlessly scale Backup Exec to the cloud
  • Broadest range of certified integrated cloud connectors, including AWS S3, Microsoft® Azure, Google Cloud  Platform Storage
  • Simplified licensing options for financial ease


The benefits of choosing Backup Exec:

  • Ransomware Resilience. Don’t pay the ransom by protecting your backups and backup server from external attacks
  • Protect all your data, not just some of it. Veritas protects more petabytes of data than Veeam and our other top 3 competitors combined
  • Backup for the modern business. Modernized data protection enables you to keep pace and respond to the growing demands of digital transformation
  • The faster, the better.  It’s one thing to backup your data, it’s another thing to restore it quickly. Backup Exec is 80% faster than competitors
  • GDPR enhancements. Save money and stay in compliance under General Data Protection Regulation