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The South Africa 2020 Databerg Report

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Identify the value, risk and cost of your data.

South African business leaders are under pressure to cost-effectively and securely store and backup data, while still attempting to ‘digitally transform’. Yet, lack of visibility of organizations’ data and budgetary constraints are holding them back in the race to effectively manage and monetize their data.

The ‘Databerg’ is analogous to an iceberg, where the majority of mass hides below the waterline, unseen to the naked eye. Similarly, for a ‘Databerg’ the bulk of an organization's data sits below the surface. The Databerg comprises clean data, Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial (ROT) data, as well as dark data, which contains both clean and ROT data.

This year’s Databerg report uncovers the data trends and issues lurking below the surface in South African businesses, comparing this year and last, and shows:

  • The ROT is setting in for South Africa — ROT data has risen by 9% across all sectors.
  • Organizations expect to store over half, 51%, of their data in the cloud by 2021.
  • Reducing the cost of backup/recovery is the top factor driving the adoption of cloud services for 61% of businesses.
  • The C-suite is misinformed about organizations' disaster recovery reality.
  • South Africa is failing to reap the rewards of automation.

IT leaders within South Africa need to gain clear insight into their organization’s Databerg before rising data volumes become unmanageable. This is even more crucial at a time of economic uncertainty and poor returns from business technology investments.

Download the independently conducted survey of 100 South African IT leaders across multiple sectors and job roles to gain insight into how South African organizations are handling the growing Databerg.