Modernize long-term data retention with Veritas and AWS Learn the benefits of eliminating tape and moving data to AWS. Watch now on-demand.

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A simple, modern long-term data retention (LTR) strategy can have economic and productivity benefits.

With Veritas, eliminate tape altogether and seamlessly move data to AWS for long-term retention. Veritas and AWS provide customers the capabilities and easy access necessary to modernize their LTR strategies.

In this webcast, you’ll learn how to:

  • Optimize data with fast and efficient deduplication to AWS.
  • Maximize data transfer performance.
  • Reduce storage consumption.

This webcast features Ralph Wynn, AWS Global Technical Account Manager, Veritas.

For the last 18 years Ralph has been using his extensive background in sales, technical marketing, and product management to help companies of all shapes and sizes utilize hardware, virtualization, and cloud to transform their business or to maintain a high level of competitive edge. As the Global Technical Account Manager for Veritas, Ralph manages the technical relationship for AWS.