Achieve today. Plan for tomorrow. Hybrid multi-cloud is just a stop on the journey.

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Implementing a hybrid multi-cloud strategy that fits your organization’s needs can be complicated. You need a way to operate seamlessly across physical, virtual and cloud. Join us to learn how Veritas provides the tools you need to:

  • Visualize data and integrate operations.
  • Migrate confidently and minimize downtime.
  • Consolidate backup operations and ensure business resiliency.



Anthony Cusimano
Cloud Solutions Marketing Manager, Veritas Technologies

Anthony is a video game‒obsessed hermit. He and his wife enjoy locking themselves in their private offices and doing nothing more than playing online games with their friends across the globe for hours. He’s fascinated with the abstract and the surreal and enjoys the films of Lynch and the music of Reznor. When not being a completely pretentious hipster, he enjoys talking, learning and messing around with cloud technologies and next-gen dev tools.

Brianna Fischer
Cloud Solutions Marketing Manager, Veritas Technologies

Brianna is an undercover introvert hiding in an extrovert’s body. As a resident millennial on the Solutions Marketing team, she enjoys learning everything she can about all things cloud and sharing that knowledge with those around her. When she’s not working, she loves taking her German Shepard out on long bike rides around the city. On lazier nights, you can probably find her on the couch binge-watching “Grey’s Anatomy” on Netflix with her fur child.