Power of 9 Webinar Series

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Some of the world’s largest and most complex organizations extract cost, complexity and risk from IT with one common platform—Veritas. Imagine one platform that illuminates data across different repositories, classification, automated compliance, analytics (including PII, PHI and GDPR), lightning-fast cloud adoption, application-level disaster recovery (DR), storage optimization, multi-cloud visibility/chargeback, eDiscovery, risk mitigation, business continuity, deletion of data, ransomware mitigation and more. And our platform does it all with the support and financial stability of the market leader!

Our platform offers organizations a non-disruptive, transformational approach without the typical risk or value realization timeline. It’s a proven platform that reflects our massive investment in R&D.

In an effort to share how our best and brightest customers use this platform solution, we’re hosting a webinar series called the “Power of 9.” Through these nine webinars, we’ll walk through specific uses cases and outline how to extract cost, complexity and risk from your organization while enhancing your customer experience. Just imagine—better service-level agreements (SLAs) with less cost, risk and complexity!