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NetBackup Self-Service enables enterprises to allow business units and project teams to perform self-service backup and restore. Users can use the out-of-the-box web portal to perform backup and restore jobs independently without having to pick up the phone or join the queue at the help desk. Plus, you can add DPaaS (data protection as a service) to existing tools via apps and plug-ins for applications like ServiceNow, VMware vRealize, vCloud Director Teams and Slack.

NetBackup Self-Service increases efficiencies by:

  • Unlocking agility and boosting employee productivity.
  • Consolidating backup tools and reducing complexity.
  • Increasing efficiency and eliminating manual jobs.
  • Driving down costs with multi-tenancy and automation.
  • Enforcing standards and reducing risks with policy-based controls.


"It All Starts with Simplicity"
Join the Veritas Team to learn how to use NetBackup Self-Service to enable your organization through on-demand access to backup copies and push-button recovery, removing the delays and manual routine work of existing processes.



Tom Simerson
West Sales Engineer

Ted Qualls
West SE Manager