Veritas and AWS

Global, scalable solution for cloud data protection and storage


High performance at scale

No other technology helps organizations manage data on AWS better than Veritas. Whether backing up to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), archiving to Amazon S3 Glacier, migrating workloads to Amazon EC2, or making sure that mission-critical apps are highly available and recoverable across multiple availability zones, Veritas provides high-performance cloud solutions at scale.

Migrate your application with Veritas and AWS

Veritas Resiliency Platform makes it easy and efficient to migrate any size of apps to AWS. Pairing automated replication in conjunction with Veritas NetBackup deduplication capabilities allows you to realize cost savings over managing your data on-premises.

The Veritas and AWS partnership unlocks valuable workload migration features. Veritas’ membership in AWS ISV Workload Migration Program opens additional technical enablement and go-to-market benefits. Get cloud credits, technical resources, and migration tools to migrate with confidence with Veritas and AWS.

Veritas Use Cases with AWS Workload Migration Program

Backup / Long Term Retention


Disaster Recovery


Backup & long-term retention for AWS

For over 30 years Veritas has been known for data protection and backup solutions. Veritas continues to lead in the data protection space. Products like NetBackup and Backup Exec make data protection and long-term data retention seamless across all your environments, whether physical, virtual, or in AWS’s Amazon Simple Storage Solutions (S3) or Amazon S3 Glacier tiers.


High availability and disaster recovery to AWS

We understand that not all applications are created equal, and there could be some trepidation about moving business critical applications to the cloud. Veritas Infoscale gives you a single approach to architect business uptime for your mission critical applications. Address all high availability and disaster recovery scenarios with an application aware solution across physical, virtual, and AWS instances.

Cloud Seeding to AWS with Amazon Snowball

Simplify Multi Cloud Resilience with AWS


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