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Veritas Technologies’ Solutions Help TMON to Improve Storage Efficiencies and Digital Compliance Capabilities

Seoul, Korea – April 9, 2018 Veritas Technologies, a leader in multi-cloud data management, today announced that TMON, Korea’s leading social commerce company, has improved business productivity and successfully established a digital compliance framework using Veritas Enterprise Vault and Veritas Data Insight through its Advanced Information Management System project.

TMON, Korea’s first social commerce company, has recorded massive business growth since its inception in 2010. It has accelerated its diversification strategy by launching “Super Mart,” an online mall for daily necessities, and by introducing an airline ticket price comparison platform and hotel reservation service.

TMON embarked on its Advanced Information Management System project to not only help employees better understand the nature of its data environment but also, to cope with the rapidly changing business environment. Leveraging Veritas’ information governance solutions, TMON has completed the first three phases of its project which comprise of an email archiving system, file server integration and file governance – all aimed at achieving more efficient use of emails and file management. Today, TMON is moving into its fourth phase - digital compliance - to protect data and minimize business risks.

Reducing the Storage Footprint through Email Archiving With Veritas Enterprise Vault, TMON was able to conduct a company-wide analysis of its email usage patterns and introduce an email archiving system that provides employees with greater ease of email management. The new system supports Outlook data file (PST) management and email archiving according to job titles and departments, and provides employees with a virtually unlimited mailbox. Archived emails can also be easily accessed in the same user interface environment. Benefitting from Veritas Enterprise Vault’s robust compression and deduplication features, TMON was able to reduce its storage footprint significantly by approximately 83 percent.

Gaining Visibility and Establishing Data Retention Policies through Data Analytics Veritas Data Insight‘s reporting, analytics and visualization capabilities are instrumental in enabling TMON to gain visibility of its unstructured data environment. TMON is now able to make better business decisions on what data is valuable while deleting redundant or obsolete files – such as duplicate, stale, or orphaned data – that has not been touched in over a year. In addition, Veritas Enterprise Vault’s File Management feature also helped TMON to shape data retention policies so that they are aligned with the data lifecycle. Data requiring storage will be kept for an appropriate period through archiving and automatically removed after a stipulated period of time.

To effectively manage the growing amount of data, TMON implemented individual document management policies for each user, department and work task. In order to gain a more complete view of its overall risk landscape, TMON utilized Veritas’ Integrated Classification Engine to glean risk intelligence from its robust pattern detector to uncover sensitive data and assign appropriate protection policies.

Establishing a Regulatory Compliance Framework Based on Data Classification The ongoing digital compliance project, scheduled to be completed in April this year, is designed for TMON to respond to compliance regulations in a more rigorous manner. To prepare for stringent data regulations, such as the Personal Information Protection Act, the company is establishing compliance policies by using Veritas Enterprise Vault’s Mail Classification and Retention and Compliance Accelerator, to redefine data retention periods according to regulatory guidelines.

“The introduction of Veritas’ Information Governance solutions allow us to address issues associated with outdated file servers, lack of storage capacity, limited mailbox space and fragmented NAS systems. Among other achievements, we have been able to establish an integrated data management environment, while managing data over its entire lifecycle through better visibility,” said Seung-bae Lee, CTO, TMON. “This will help us to create a more mature compliance framework to meet regulatory requirements pertaining to sensitive data, such as customers’ personal information.”

“TMON’s Advanced Information Management System project is a good example of how Veritas’ data management solutions can help companies lay the foundation for holistic enterprise data management – ranging from storage efficiency, data visibility to digital compliance,” said Chris Cho, Sales Leader of Veritas Korea. “Veritas 360 Data Management strategy enables companies to more effectively manage the soaring volumes of data created, wherever that data resides. By providing visibility and insight into the data environment, Veritas empowers companies to make smarter decisions, extract greater business value and achieve regulatory compliance.”

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About TMON TMON, founded as Korea’s first social commerce company in May 2010, started business with intangible service sales such as discounts at local restaurants and on esthetics. Today, TMON aims to become Korea’s No.1 lifestyle commerce company by persistently developing and offering innovative products and services that range from fashion, living, baby & kids, beauty, travel, and live events with a focus on clients. TMON was the first to introduce a mobile application in the local commerce industry, which led the distribution trend to mobile, and making it the leader in Korean mobile commerce. 80% of TMON’s transactions are completed on mobile devices, which is the highest amount among domestic distribution channels. TMON offers a superior customer experience, from online fresh food shopping to one-stop online booking systems such as domestic and international flight tickets and accommodations, on its mobile platform. For more information on TMON, please refer to TMON mobile application or TMON website (