Customer licensing programs

A simplified buying experience for customers.


Veritas Licensing programs are designed to offer a simple buying experience for customers.  Our customer licensing programs are designated into easily identifiable market segments: Corporate, Academic and Government.  Customers simply make purchases from the segmented pricelist that applies to them.

In addition to the easily transactable customer segment programs, Veritas offers a variety of contractual agreements to meet various customer business requirements while earning greater discounts.


Academic Licensing Program

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Corporate Licensing Program

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Government Licensing Program

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Enterprise Flex Agreement

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Volume Purchase Agreement

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Migration from legacy licensing programs

Legacy customers can seamlessly migrate to the new Veritas licensing programs. Previous purchases made in the legacy programs will be automatically migrated to the new related Veritas program and will be eligible for renewal within the new program when applicable, based on the renewal policy guidelines. Customer contracts against legacy programs continue to be fulfilled against the existing terms and conditions.