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Our suppliers

Veritas core values and everyday actions are based on five guiding principles below, and we expect the same of our supplier base.  Our sourcing process and supplier management ensure that the right suppliers are in place to meet the high standards, innovation and value we expect for delivery of all goods and services.  Our suppliers understand our goals, values and have an agile approach to achieve the best possible outcomes in our fast-paced industry.

  • Empower employees to succeed and grow.
  • Create unique value for our customers every day.
  • Excel as a team through collaboration and inclusion.
  • Innovate to win by creating the future.
  • Inspire trust with integrity and accountability.

Veritas is strongly committed to social and environmental initiatives and, as such, values our long-standing relationships with diverse and socially responsible suppliers. 

Supplier Diversity Program

Supplier diversity is important to Veritas – we recognize the value and importance of diversity as a distinct business advantage. A diverse supply chain is one of the many ways we offer value to our customers by fostering economic growth in the communities they serve. As such, we have established and continue to increase a diverse network of suppliers to provide the support, services and products our company needs to operate successfully.

We are committed to enhancing our methods of outreach to existing and new diverse suppliers to identify opportunities for their continued growth. We are dedicated to fostering successful partnerships through innovative and cost-effective solutions, both of which contribute to our mutual growth and success and benefit the communities where we operate. Veritas has several important M/WBE relationships and has a Supplier Diversity Program to monitor progress towards our company spending goals.

We participate in various activities of instruction, mentoring and outreach including attending and participating in national and regional conferences, supplier mailings and creating internal awareness. We also actively track the supply base.

To register your organization with our Supplier Diversity Program, please provide the following information to Supplier Diversity:

  • Company info (name, address, contact information)
  • Contact name and number
  • Nature of business/NAICS Code(s)
  • Classification types (SBE, WBE, VOBE, etc.)

Please attach a capability statement if available. Also, if your company is 3rd Party certified, please include a copy of that certification(s).

To review the Supplier Diversity Category definitions, click here.

Veritas’ environmental goals

Veritas has set a science-based target, approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) as consistent with levels required to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. Veritas targets were rated as sufficiently ambitious to be consistent with the level of decarbonization required to keep global temperature increase to 1.5°C compared to pre-industrial temperatures. The SBTi defines and promotes best practice in science-based target setting and independently assesses companies’ targets.

Veritas’ reduction targets are as follows:

Veritas commits to reduce absolute scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions 25% by FY2025 from a FY2019 base year. Veritas commits to reduce absolute scope 3 GHG emissions from business travel 19% by FY2025 from the FY2019 base year. The company also commits to reduce scope 3 GHG emissions by 17% per appliance sold by FY2025 from the FY2019 base year. 

And finally, Veritas commits that 50% of its suppliers, by spend covering purchased goods and services and capital goods, will have science-based targets by FY2025.

How can our suppliers support this commitment?

Veritas is requiring its suppliers to support this important initiative by committing to setting science-based targets (or equivalent) within the next five years. More information is available here.

Tackling climate change requires ambitious action from the corporate sector. Veritas’ science-based target proves the company’s commitment to building a sustainable economy, by doing not what’s easy, but what’s necessary.

Code of Conduct

Ethics and integrity are the foundation of our business success. Therefore, Veritas declares its support for, and has elected to adopt this document as its Global Supplier Code of Conduct (or "Code") applicable to its Suppliers of products and services.

Veritas terms and conditions

In order to become a supplier for Veritas, review our standard terms and conditions below.

Note: Complex and high-spend suppliers will be subject to the relevant contractual paper.

Standard terms and conditions for processing personal data

Veritas is committed to privacy and data protection compliance across our business and maintaining the trust of our employees and customers around how we handle their personal data. For this reason, Veritas is committed to only engage with suppliers who share our values. All suppliers that have signed contracts with Veritas are required to comply with our standard data processing terms which are available for review here.

Third Party Assurance Privacy Notice

Click here to view how we collect, use and store your personal data.

Standard terms and conditions for purchase orders

The referenced Veritas General Procurement Terms and Conditions for purchase orders are effective on the date of the purchase order.

Global Accounts Payable Information

A resource location for all Suppliers to find information regarding Accounts Payable processes 

Read the information contained on this webpage to ensure you are following all Accounts Payable guidelines and processes.Suppliers that do not follow these instructions will have their invoices rejected.

NOTE: Standard payment terms are net 60 days – see Accounts Payable Guidelines

Payment Terms

Unless otherwise specified via contract, terms of payment will be net 60 days. All time periods for payment commence on the later of the date of actual receipt of the invoice by purchaser or the date of the actual receipt of the products or services by purchaser. When an invoice is subject to discount based on the date of payment, payment is deemed to be made for the purpose of earning the discount on the date of mailing of the purchaser’s check.