Veritas joins the Sheltered Harbor Alliance Partner Program as a solution provider

Veritas Perspectives May 10, 2022

I'm excited to announce that we have joined the Sheltered Harbor Alliance Partner Program.

Given the meteoric rise in cyber-attacks, ransomware remains one of the greatest threats to businesses today, and financial institutions are specifically targeted as part of the nation's critical infrastructure.

Sheltered Harbor is the financial industry established and led not-for-profit organization responsible for defining and maintaining the sector’s resilience standards for the protection of isolated data, resilience, and data recovery. Your lifeline to survival in an extreme cyber, data corruption, or data deletion event.

Sheltered Harbor helps protect financial institutions, customers, and public confidence in the US financial system. Sheltered Harbor has created the only industry-standard dedicated to enhancing the financial sector's resiliency and stability through collaboration with hundreds of subject matter experts from well-known industry participants, as well as support from the regulators.

By partnering with Sheltered Harbor, we are taking another critical step forward in continuing to empower our customers in the financial sector to confidently preserve their critical data and ensure its rapid recovery—wherever it lives in accordance with the Sheltered Harbor standards.

To learn more about Sheltered Harbor, please visit:

Veritas redefines the future of data management for financial services


Veritas is a leader in multi-cloud data management and has a reputation for reliability at scale. Our multi-layered resiliency strategy delivers the resilience the financial sector needs against the disruptions threatened by cyberattacks, like ransomware, with leading capabilities to:

  • Protect your data with immutability and indelibility that is also isolated and unreachable, built on a platform featuring encryption and aligned to STIG
  • Immediately detect and proactively scan backups for potential threats with real-time anomaly detection with integrated malware scanning 
  • Rehearse and orchestrate multi-tier business service recovery at scale with instant access to your protected workloads or applications

Veritas provides the industry’s most comprehensive, compliant, and secure ransomware resiliency solution, offering you valuable peace of mind and confidence against an inevitable attack.

Learn more about some of the foundational security features used by customers today:

  • NetBackup Flex Appliances offer system hardening, Intrusion Detection System (IDS)/Intrusion Protection System (IPS), robust role-based authentication, WORM storage, and a compliance clock to automatically lock down data written to storage from an attacker even if an attacker or ransomware tries to modify the system or NTP time.
  • Real-Time Anomaly Detection—automatically detect unusual data and user activity across your entire infrastructure, including unusual write activity, detecting known ransomware file extensions, and even detecting unusual access activity.
  • Integrated Malware Scanning—locate and eliminate malware across your infrastructure with on-demand and automated malware scanning. When the restore option is necessary, clear warning prompts increase visibility and raise user awareness of malware-infected files in backup images while ensuring recovery only brings the last known clean copy of data.
  • Instant Access—instantaneously access your protected workloads to rehearse and orchestrate multi-tier business recovery to achieve a near-zero recovery time objective (RTO). In addition, incremental snapshots with deduplication allows you to optimize and reduce storage costs.
  • Instant Rollback—offers a powerful yet simple user experience to transition hundreds of VMs to any specific recovery point in nearly three clicks. Powered by NetBackup's Accelerator technology, users can roll hundreds of VMs simultaneously from one recovery point to another in just a few seconds with space-optimized data movement.

We invite you to contact your account representative to learn more about our partnership.

Doug Matthews
SVP, Data Protection Product Management
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