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Insights August 26, 2021

Veritas APTARE IT Analytics is the only IT analytics and reporting platform to support all major storage, backup, and virtualization solutions across heterogeneous, hybrid-cloud IT infrastructures.

Veritas NetBackup collects metadata from your IT environment and provides comprehensive reporting and analytics to help you understand historical results and trends. APTARE integrates with NetBackup and provides the visibility you need to identify underutilized, misconfigured, or unindexed IT resources and unprotected areas. APTARE delivers contextual reporting across your entire organization, enabling you to repurpose resources for significant cost savings across your NetBackup product.

With APTARE and NetBackup, you can:

  • Gain actionable insights into your data on-premises and in the cloud across heterogeneous environments.
  • Optimize costs and resources.
  • Implement recommended organization, data protection, and recovery measures to mitigate risk.
  • Gather hybrid IT and data business analytics with high-value reports and flexible reporting.
  • Gain access to dashboards and reporting around key areas including backup operations, backup optimization, risk mitigation, capacity planning, and more.

Simple, Expedient Setup for 60-Day Test-Drive

Try APTARE protection suite for 60 days in a secure SaaS environment to gain valuable insights about your NetBackup environment. No challenges with installing and configuring your data center. Add a single collector configured in your environment that copies metadata into your private portal from a secure APTARE cloud with full multi-tenancy capabilities. Gain access to all new insights in your environment through a browser with secure credentials.

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Pamela Kerman
Senior Manager, Product Marketing
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