Optimized IT Analytics and Unified Insights Across Multi-Cloud Environments

Insights February 23, 2022

There are many factors impacting the digital workplace today. Businesses must review and address their technology infrastructure and cybersecurity measures. Expected to do more with less, organizations are looking for ways to simplify operations, optimize infrastructure, reduce cost, and lower risks. Whether it’s migrating to the cloud or being in the cloud, cloud is defining digital transformation.

How do you create flexibility to accommodate fluctuating business investments? How do you protect and recover your data against ransomware and cyberattacks? How do you create analytical-driven operations that provide your business with the data you need in real-time to make vital business decisions? 

The latest release of NetBackup IT Analytics (formerly APTARE IT Analytics) 11.0 delivers a vendor-agnostic unified IT insights platform across your multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environment. NetBackup IT Analytics optimizes IT operations and detects data protection anomalies for ransomware resilience, intelligent data visualization, and flexible alerts.

NetBackup IT Analytics 11.0 benefits focus on three key areas: 


  • Correlate and aggregate data points across any cloud, any storage, and any backup technology solution
  • Predict future outcomes with automated AIOPs feature
  • Visualize data from NetBackup and third-party assets in a single view


  • Identify underutilized, misconfigured, or unindexed IT resources that can be repurposed to achieve significant cost savings
  • Intelligently allocate and optimize resources with AI functionality
  • Simplify operations with integration into the NetBackup UI


  • Meet SLAs and compliance requirements with actionable insights to streamline the auditing process and ensure business resiliency
  • Detect ransomware attacks with automated anomaly alerts
  • Mitigate risk with recoverability risk and incident detection dashboards

Veritas is adding the NetBackup IT Analytics Foundation. This is a feature subset supporting NetBackup, NetBackup Appliances, and Backup Exec and includes:

  • Reporting
  • Alerting
  • Dashboards
  • Historical, inventory, and customizable views
  • NetBackup configuration and restores via web UI access

Veritas remains committed to providing single-pane-of-glass reporting for our customers’ environments across storage, compute, backup, and cloud with NetBackup IT Analytics.

Data Protection Optimized.

To learn more, visit www.veritas.com/netbackup-IT-analytics.

Pamela Kerman
Senior Manager, Product Marketing
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