"Thanks for the Poor Security"

Protection January 07, 2021

On February 12, 1994, two men broke into the National Gallery in Oslo, Norway, and stole Edvard Munch's famous painting "The Scream." They demanded one million US dollars in ransom and left a note that read: "Thanks for the poor security."

Today, IT managers' biggest worry is that the same message and ransom demand appearing on their screen. They will feel like the image in Munch's painting.

Veritas has the solution for IT managers to avoid that "screaming" feeling from a ransomware attack. Appliances running the NetBackup Flex 2 operating environment provides complete enterprise-wide ransomware resiliency across the core data center to smaller departments to remote offices.

Due to the 1994 Winter Olympics activities at the Norway National Gallery, museum officials placed "The Scream" in a temporary location. On the day of the Olympic opening ceremonies, the temporary site was not as secure as the painting's permanent home in the main gallery, which created a heist opportunity.

Similarly, enterprise data centers are highly protected, but an organization may also have smaller departments and remote locations that are often not thoroughly protected. 

Veritas provides a family of appliances running NetBackup Flex to give NetBackup enterprise data protection and ransomware resiliency to all locations. For example, the 5340 appliance has the capacity and throughput to protect the most demanding workloads in the core data center. The compact 5150 appliance provides the same enterprise-class data protection for smaller departments and off-site branch offices.

A sting operation eventually recovered "The Scream" on May 7, 1994. Recovery is a critical component of the NetBackup Flex data protection solution. Appliances running with NetBackup Flex also run NetBackup 8.3 that provides orchestrated, automated disaster recovery. NetBackup Flex with NetBackup 8.3 form two important pillars of the Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform; Protect and Recover.

Visit Veritas.com to learn more about NetBackup and Ransomware Resiliency and the new NetBackup Flex 2 Operating Environment.

Avoid the "Scream" with NetBackup and NetBackup Flex.

Roger Stein
Product Marketing Manager, Appliances
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