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NetBackup 9 significantly enhances data protection management from edge to core to cloud, ensuring the recovery of business-critical data at any scale, with the freedom and flexibility to choose how to deploy your data protection infrastructure.


New architecture deployment – Deploy NetBackup in an automated, hyperconverged, scale-out form factor, NetBackup Flex Scale.


Supercharged OpenStack protection  –  Delivering cloud-native, API-driven, dynamic and automated protection ​with rapid, granular recovery from edge to core to cloud.


Time-saving NAS protection – Resume a backup or restore at a specific point for NAS Protection with Dynamic NAS (DNAS) data protection.


Optimizing the Public Cloud

  • Seamless workload and data portability in the cloud, including Azure Stack to Azure Stack and Azure region-to-region with orchestrated disaster recovery using Veritas Resiliency Platform integration.
  • Long-term retention (LTR) – Enhanced retention period and efficient Direct-to-Azure LTR Archive tiering, including support for Azure Archive.

Prior Releases


NetBackup 8.3

Key Features in NetBackup 8.3 – GA Release: July 28, 2020

  • Strengthen ransomware resiliency - Outsmart and prevent ransomware with hardened security and vendor-agnostic immutability for storage using NetBackup OpenStorage Technology (OST) and orchestrated rehearsals.
  • Integrations with  CloudPoint  and Veritas Resiliency Platform - Gain the freedom to control cloud data protection and disaster recovery directly from NetBackup, proactively ensuring resiliency for applications across your heterogeneous environment.
  • Cloud-to-anywhere - Seamless workload and data portability in the cloud, including Azure Stack to Azure Stack and Azure region-to-region with orchestrated disaster recovery using Resiliency Platform integration.
  • Expanded workloads support - Total control of discovery, backup, restore and automation at scale for Microsoft SQL, Oracle and Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) for simplified management.
  • Universal Shares includes new form factor support and enhanced management, now available for both appliances and BYO media servers. 
  • Instant access  for SQL and BYO (build your own) databases.
  • Expanded workload capabilities such as Microsoft SQL Self-Service.
  • MSDP direct cloud tiering and the ability to manage data in multiple buckets, storage tiers and cloud providers from a single node.
  • Image sharing in the cloud and support for Azure- and S3-compatible object storage.
  • Object storage support for client-side deduplication for writing directly to cloud storage.
  • Cloud snapshots, enabling granular recovery.
  • NetBackup 8.3 Release Notes – Learn more details about all the features included in this release.
NetBackup 8.2

Key Features in NetBackup 8.2 – GA Release: June 28, 2019

  • Agentless VMware recovery - Granular restore of VM data without agents.
  • DR to the cloud - Orchestrate disaster recovery into AWS.
  • Enhanced backup to the cloud - Faster deduplication and dedupe to AWS Glacier.
  • Backup of snapshots - Create backup copies of supported snapshots.
  • Application-aware snapshots - Create application-consistent snapshots of Oracle, DB2.
  • NetBackup for Red Hat virtualization - Simple user experience, role-based access and APIs.
  • NetBackup for OpenStack - Parallel streaming backup of OpenStack systems
  • Two-factor authentication - More secure access to the NetBackup console.
  • Expanded REST API library - Expanded calls and support for SwaggerTM interface. 
NetBackup 8.1.2

Key Features in 8.1.2 – GA Release: Sep 17, 2018

  • New web UI – Enjoy a simple, secure, web-based user experience
  • Role-based access – Grant limited access to specific users and roles
  • VMware Instant Access – Faster, easier VM restores without agents
  • NetBackup for VMware Cloud on AWS – Protect VMware VMs in AWS
  • NetBackup for HBase – Database-aware backup of HBase systems
  • Protect cloud workloads – Orchestrate AWS, Microsoft, and Google snapshots
  • Automatic client updates – Faster and easier client software upgrades
  • Amazon Glacier Vaults – Enforce compliance controls through AWS
  • Parallel Streaming SDK – Developer kit to create 3rd party plug-ins
  • REST API libraries – Expanded calls to enable more programmatic functions
  • GDPR ready – User audit alerting flags for inspection
  • Veritas Smart Meter – Monitor usage and consumption from web portal
  • NetBackup 8.1.2 Release Notes – Learn more about the details for all features included in this release
NetBackup 8.1.1

Key Features in 8.1.1 – GA Release: Feb 16, 2018

  • AWS Glacier cloud connector – Utilize inexpensive cloud storage for backup and long term retention
  • Alibaba cloud connector – Store backup data within the Alibaba cloud
  • NetBackup for PostgreSQL – Database-aware backup of PostgreSQL databases
  • NetBackup for SQLite – Database-aware backup of SQLite databases
  • NetBackup for MariaDB – Database-aware backup of MariaDB databases
  • Enhanced Deduplication – Choose fixed or variable length segmentation to optimize performance
  • Integration with Veritas CloudPoint – Orchestrate snapshots from 3PAR, HDS, EMC, and Pure
  • NetBackup RestAPI – RESTful API allows customized UX and integration with 3rd party applications
  • NetBackup 8.1.1 Release Notes – Learn more about the details of all the features included in this release
NetBackup 8.1

Key Features in 8.1 - GA Release: Sep 26, 2017

  • NetBackup CloudCatalyst – Faster, storage-efficient backups to the cloud with deduplication
  • NetBackup Parallel Streaming – Faster, scale-out backups for Big Data and Hyperconverged clusters
  • NetBackup for Hadoop/HDFS – Parallel, scale-out backups of Hadoop/HDFS clusters
  • NetBackup for Nutanix – Parallel, scale-out backups of Nutanix clusters
  • NetBackup for MySQL – Database-aware backup of MySQL databases
  • Granular VMware backup and recovery – Select virtual drives with a new recovery UI
  • Instant Recovery for Oracle – Access Oracle databases directly from NetBackup Appliance storage
  • NetBackup Accelerator for Dell EMC Isilon – Up to 50% faster NDMP backups for Isilon filers
  • Easier Deployment – Deployment templates and native packaging for all clients
  • Hardened Security – Secure communications and improved encryption options for MSDP storage
  • NetBackup Virtual Appliance – Deploy into existing virtual environments, including data centers and remote offices
  • NetBackup 8.1 Release Notes – Learn more about the details for all features included in this release
NetBackup 8.0

Key Features in 8.0 - GA Release: Dec 05, 2016

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 - Support ready for the next generation of workloads and leverage MS Resilient Change Tracking (RCT)
  • NetBackup Accelerator for Microsoft Hyper-V - Leverage Windows Server 2016 and manage virtual data growth with 100x faster VM backups
  • VMware vSphere 6.5 - Support ready for next generation VMware, and individual VMDK file restores to the existing or to an alternate virtual machine
  • VMware vRealize plugin for NetBackup Self-Service - Customizable options give VMware vRealize users the power to manage NetBackup protection
  • NetBackup Virtual Appliance for Remote Office - Download appliance simplicity and support for remote office protection in VMware environments
  • NetBackup Amazon AMI - Simple, fast unified data protection with enterprise-class confidence for workloads running in Amazon EC2 cloud services
  • Integrated Cloud Storage Connectors - Greater flexibility and cloud choice with support for Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer, OpenStack Swift, SwiftStack
  • Enhanced NDMP Backup of EMC Isilon Filers - Improved deduplication rates, faster backups, and reduced storage for Isilon filer NDMP backups
NetBackup 7.7.3

Key Features in 7.7.3 - GA Release: Jun 06, 2016

  • VMware Intelligent Policies for VMware Tags - Select and automatically protect virtual machines using tabs in VMware vSphere 6
  • VMware Individual VMDK File Restore - Easily create a new VM with the restore of an individual VMDK in both Windows and Linux
  • Amazon S3 Cloud Connector Compression - Better cloud performance and reduce the cost of sending and storing data in S3 cloud targets
  • OpsCenter Alerting Enhancements and Activity Monitor Filtering - Faster troubleshooting with easy drill-down and improved manageability
  • Client Native Packaging - Simplify Linux client deployments with RPMs for RHEL, SuSE, CentOS and Oracle Linux
  • NetBackup Self-Service Application Protection - Enterprise and MSP multi-tenant self-service backup and restore for Oracle and SQL
  • NetBackup Self-Service Multi Policy Protection - Greater flexibility with new "Protection Types" to protect a client with multiple policies
  • NetBackup Self-Service vCloud Director - 'Single-step' import simplifies the backup and recovery for vCloud environments
  • NetBackup Self-Service System Admin Dashboard - Enhanced administrator view to monitor tenants, data usage, and data growth
NetBackup 7.7.2

Key Features in 7.7.2 - GA Release: Feb 01, 2016

  • Oracle multi-stream restore - A revolutionary new way accelerate Oracle database recovery with simultaneous restore streams
  • Amazon S3 Standard and Infrequent Access Storage support - Simplifed and automated selection of AWS S3 storage classes
  • NetBackup SQL Intelligent Policies for HA Clusters - Automated discovery SQL instances and failover protection for HA Clusters
  • JAVA UI Enhancements - Added properities editing, more granular filtering and search functions, and Single Sign On (SSO) capabilites
  • Non-Root User Browse and Restore for Files/Folders from VMware Backups - Seamless self-service operations for VMware restores
NetBackup 7.7.1

Key Features in 7.7.1 - GA Release: Oct 05, 2015

  • VMware Intelligent Policies for VMware Tags - Select and automatically protect virtual machines using VMware tags
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Intelligent Policies with SCVMM - Automated discovery, policy based protection, and performance load balancing
  • Microsoft SQL AlwaysOn Availability Groups support - Use native SQL backup tools to protect 24/7 resilient Availability Groups
  • Amazon v4 Private Government S3 Cloud support - Enhanced security/authentication requirements for AWS GovCloud storage
  • NetBackup Accelerator for NDMP - Accelerate backup of only changed blocks for 100x faster NDMP backups on NetApp arrays
NetBackup 7.7

Key Features in 7.7 - GA Release: Jul 07, 2015

  • VMware Intelligent Policies for vSAN and vVOL datastores - Automatically discover and protect vSAN and vVOL environments
  • VMware vSphere Web Client Plugin for Instant Recovery - From vSphere Web Client spin up a VM from backup disk in 60 seconds
  • Microsoft Hyper-V System Center VM Manager Addin - NetBackup self-service from Hyper-V console
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Intelligent Policies - Automated VM discovery, policy backups, and load balancing for Hyper-V environments
  • Microsoft SQL Intelligent Policies - Advanced SQL protection with automated discovery and policy based backups
  • NetBackup Replication Director NDMP Indexing - Faster backups and file level recovery from indexed NDMP backups
  • NetBackup Replication Director for NetApp cDOT - Integrated lifecycle snapshot management for NetApp Clustered Data OnTap
  • NetBackup Self-Service Updates - Leverage the power of self-service with NetBackup for multi-tenant MSPs and the Enterprise
  • Enhanced Audit Compliance and Reporting - Login specfic "Who did what and when did they do it"
  • FIPS Certification - NIST lab certified for compliance to the FIPS 140-2 standard
  • Amazon S3 Cloud Connector Overview and Enhancements - 30x better S3 cloud performance with multi-stream optimization
  • NetBackup 7.7 What's New Comparison Matrix
NetBackup 7.6.x

Key Features in 7.6 - GA Release: Dec 18, 2013

  • VMware Instant Recovery - Power-up production VMs from backup disk in as little as 60 seconds
  • VMware vCloud Suite integration - "Set and Forget" automated protection and recovery for vCloud Director provisioned datacenters
  • VMware vCenter Plug-in - Easily manage enteprise NetBackup VM protection and recovery through familiar vCenter console
  • VMware Physical to Virtual (P2V) Bare Metal Recovery - Fast disaster recovey and simplified "physical to virtual" migration
  • NetBackup Accelerator for VMware - Manage virtual data growth with 100x faster VM backups
  • NetBackup Replication Director Enhancements - NetApp NAS/FAS snapshot management for VMware, databases, NDMP, and more
  • NetBackup Replication Director for EMC VNX and Celerra - Manage entire lifecycle of EMC snapshots and snapshot replication
  • NetBackup Targeted Auto Image Replication (AIR) - Flexibility to select replicated backup images to individual target domains
  • Oracle Intelligent Policy - Automated database discovery with simplified scheduling and checkbox policy wizards
  • Citrix VM and Application Protection - Protecting Citrix XenServer virtual environments with Hot, Cold, and Off-host snapshot backups
  • OpsCenter Enhancements - New 'Look and Feel' with many new 'getting started' wizards and VM reporting
NetBackup 7.5.x

Key Features in 7.5 - GA Release: Mar 13, 2012

  • VMware VM Application Protection - Full VMDK, File-level, Full and Individual database object recovery from single backup image
  • VMware and Hyper-V Policy Enhancements - Performance optimized, policy based data protection for VMware and Hyper-V environments
  • NetBackup Accelerator - Backup only changed files to reduce CPU, Network, and Storage resources and 100x faster backups and faster restores
  • NetBackup Auto Image Replication (AIR) - Automated multi-domain replication disaster recovery tool to protect large global deployments
  • Cloud Storage for AWS, Rackspace, AT&T - Simplified Cloud Storage with wizard driven integration and intelligent bandwidth management
  • Operational Restores with OpsCenter - Faster find and restore with advanced global file search and multi-level filtering capabilities
  • Network Resilience - Automatically ensure successful backups when WANs are dropped or become intermittent
  • NetBackup 7.5 What's New Comparison Matrix

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