NetBackup Flex Scale

Simple to scale. Easy to operate. Highly resilient.



ESG Showcase

Five key capabilities and functional areas to look for when selecting a data protection solution.

Data Protection Designed for the Modern Data Center

NetBackup Flex Scale has been designed specifically for data protection to address the needs of the modern data center.

Veritas and Broadcom Study

Identify the ideal way to efficiently backup the billions of files in a typical Electronic Design Automation (EDA) workload with NetBackup Flex Scale.


NetBackup Flex Scale Architecture

NetBackup Flex Scale extends NetBackup with an
automated, containerized, scale-out architecture
designed to meet the needs of the modern data center.

Product Highlights

Flex Scale

Automation Simplifies NetBackup Deployment and Management

  • Manage data protection with intuitive, cloud-like simplicity.
  • Rapidly adapt to the changing business requirements with automated:
    - Provisioning
    - Performance and capacity scaling
    - Load balancing
    - Recovery
  • Upgrade to new NetBackup releases in just a few easy steps.

Pay-As-You-Grow, Scale-Out Architecture

  • NetBackup Flex Scale fully integrated on Veritas Validated platforms.
  • Scale in both performance and capacity.
  • Workloads automatically re-balanced across nodes.


Enterprise-Class Resilience

  • Protect against multi-point failures with distributed
    storage architecture.
  • Resiliency balanced with storage optimization.
  • Dynamically increase resilience as clusters scale.

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