NetBackup Virtual Data Protection

Virtual data protection across the enterprise.

Faster performance, proven success, multi-cloud ready

Automated scalability and reliability made simple

Today’s enterprise is a complex, heterogeneous environment struggling to cope with accelerating data growth. Whether yours is a VMware, Hyper-V, Nutanix AHV, or multi-hypervisor environment consisting of hundreds or thousands of VMs, NetBackup unified data protection delivers exceptional performance and automates the protection of all VMs.

  • Automate with set-and-forget intelligent policies
  • Protect hundreds to thousands of VMs with superior performance
  • Reduce storage costs with deduplication and integrated appliances
  • Eliminate point products with a single, integrated solution
  • Accelerate and simplify your path to the multi-cloud enterprise

New in NetBackup 8.1.2

  • Simple, web-based user interface with optimized workflows
  • Grant VMware admins secure, role-based access to allow self-service
  • Instantly access VMware file data on any file system without an agent
  • Deploy and protect VMware Cloud on AWS
  • VMware vSAN certified


Policy-based VM discovery and backup

Ensure missed VM backups don’t become recovery failures

Whether your business runs on hundreds or thousands of VMs, manual protection can create protection gaps and lead to failed recoveries. As your virtual environments grow along with your business, eliminating manual steps with intelligent policy-based automation ensures new, changed, or moved VMs are protected and available around the clock.

  • Follow simple, intuitive setup for set-and-forget protection
  • Automate protection for VMware and Hyper-V hypervisor environments
  • Get dynamic detection of changes in your virtual data center prior to every backup
  • Automatically discover and protect VMs on VMware vSANs, vVOLs, and by TAGs

Simplified performance for complex environments

Meet the most demanding SLAs with speed and confidence

Manual performance tuning of large VM and enterprise environments can be a daunting task, often with limited success. Eliminating these error-prone manual processes with automated load balancing ensures the fastest possible backup performance and success rates. Adding NetBackup appliances designed for massive scalability and fast, easy deployment takes the guesswork out of performance.

  • Maximize simultaneous backups safely using intelligent, automated load balancing
  • Get up to 100x faster VM backups with Accelerator’s changed block and synthesized full recovery technology
  • Eliminate complex tuning in large VM environments with the proven, highly scalable, out-of-the-box performance of NetBackup appliances
  • Choose the performance leader in VM data protection according to third-party benchmark comparisons


Fast recovery for when your world stops being ‘always-on’

Rely on unbeatable, instant recovery

Intelligent, automated backup ensures your data is always protected and available, so your recoveries don’t fail. This approach means you can always find that data and give users access to it—fast—with Instant Recovery and Granular Recovery Technologies.

  • Instantly recover up to 10 VMs simultaneously from backup storage and give users access in minutes
  • Provide full access to applications while migrating to primary storage
  • Eliminate the need to mount and browse the entire VM to find and restore a single file or folder
  • Restore VM objects directly from agentless backups and hardware snapshots
  • Restore Exchange, SharePoint, and Active Directory objects natively to the application without taking it offline


Enterprise-class protection plus operational efficiency

Get the best of both worlds: NetBackup, managed your way

NetBackup is known for its enterprise-class performance, scale, and reliability. It’s also known for its many workload integration points, including plugins for both VMware and Hyper-V consoles. That means VM Admins can confidently manage the capabilities of NetBackup to protect their VM environments without any learning curve.

  • Manage NetBackup through VMware and Hyper-V consoles
  • Get direct control of backup, restore, and Instant Recovery operations
  • Enable VM Admins and NetBackup Admins to work together to restore operations in the event of a disaster


Comprehensive enterprise deduplication

Shrink your storage costs with integrated deduplication

Today, businesses run multiple applications across the enterprise, each generating huge amounts of data. By consolidating and protecting that data with the tightly integrated infrastructure of software, hardware appliances, and optimized enterprise-wide deduplication called the NetBackup Platform, you’ll see significant gains in dedupe ratios and performance, resulting in a reduced storage footprint and lower costs.

  • Realize dedupe ratios as high as 98% with integrated deduplication
  • Scale to protect 10s of petabytes of data with enterprise deduplication without performance loss
  • Experience fast, easy deployment in hours, not days or weeks
  • Quickly consolidating your enterprise on the NetBackup Platform


Take cost out of your VM data protection equation

Socket based pricing for the multi-cloud enterprise

NetBackup Enterprise Virtual Client (NEVC) delivers market leading unified data protection and enterprise-scale performance across VMware, Hyper-V, and Nutanix AHV multi-hypervisor environments with socket based pricing every budget will love.

  • New! Affordable, socket based pricing for every size enterprise
  • Includes unlimited dedupe capacity per server and one year maintenance
  • 3x faster multi-cloud backup with 40+ Veritas certified cloud connectors
  • Protect cloud-scale workloads with agentless, dynamically scalable parallel streaming
  • Prepare to be amazed at how easy it will be to meet the most demanding SLAs
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