The challenge

CAEM wanted to improve efficiency and introduce offsite disaster recovery. The company's data protection process entailed running manual backups on each server individually. With data stores growing as rapidly as its business, CAEM determined this process was unsustainable.

The solution

The company rolled out Veritas Backup Exec™. Staff managed companywide data protection through a single interface, running daily backups to local storage devices. Then CAEM began running weekly backups to the Amazon S3 cloud.

The outcome

By simultaneously streamlining backup and recovery processes, and adding the disaster recovery benefits of offsite storage, the solution provides CAEM with the top-shelf data protection it deserves.

Want a deeper dive?

At a glance

Approximately 50% reduction in staff time dedicated to backups

Cost-effective software licenses and cloud storage for backups

Less storage hardware required thanks to Backup Exec deduplication

99% recovery success rate achieved in near-daily data recovery

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