This is an invitation
not just to write code,
but to write the future.


Products Organization

Our Products Organization (CPO) is where all our ideas begin. This is the team who shape the Veritas product portfolio strategy and turn inspiration into new possibilities for customers. In CPO, you can help build cutting edge products into integrated solutions that protect, manage and govern customer data, while helping them grow in the cloud. 

Some call it coding.  

We call it changing the world. 

Information. It’s our most valuable resource. It creates jobs, it shapes business and it helps improve the quality of all our lives. It makes the impossible, possible. What will the next game-changing app be? How will we evolve the cloud infrastructure? Why isn’t data working harder to improve the health of our healthcare system? All good questions. Questions you’ll get to explore when you join us.



The multi-cloud.  

Watch it take shape or help to shape it? 

Our future will be written by innovators—people who can harness the power of raw data and turn it into something more.  As part of our Products Organization, you will be contributing to our pioneering multi-cloud data management platforms. Our teams are pushing boundaries both in developing new technologies and enhancing existing products our customers have come to know and trust.



A start-up mindset.  

An agile, collaborative approach.

We may be a multi-billion-dollar business, but fueled by the development of our innovative data management platform, we have the drive and ambition of a start-up. By focusing on cloud-based technologies, the CPO team works in an increasingly agile way. Our methods remove obstacles and increase speed, while boosting collaboration and the time developers spend working together. For the team, it means greater opportunity to learn, grow and truly feel part of a global organization.



Pune, India

A growing technology team. 


We have a major presence in India, with over 1300 CPO employees. Our technology teams here have the key role of developing and enhancing the successful products that our clients currently trust and rely on. It’s involving, often highly complex, work to ensure our products remain the best in back-up, security and storage.

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San Francisco Bay Area

Home to our Silicon Valley innovation center.


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Where to find us


Dublin, Ireland

Our new R&D Center. 


Launched in 2017, our new Dublin R&D Center is accelerating the delivery of our organizational strategy—it’s an exciting time to be here as we shape the future of our new data management platform. There’s no place for conventional coding in this set-up. Joining us in Ireland is your chance to pioneer new solutions using micro services on open-source technologies.

Where to find us



Join us to be part of bold new breakthroughs. Tackle some of the world’s toughest challenges by unlocking the true power of information—and your potential. Create a better, brighter future for all.