Defragment Your Backups With Veritas Appliances

Protection January 04, 2020

Data is the king and is enterprises’ most valuable digital resource. If you’re like most companies, you have a vast amount of data types laid out across various data centers and the cloud.  Now you are facing the challenge of figuring out how to protect the data silos in different locations, infrastructures, and management systems.

Do you want to get rid of your multiple backup management platforms and save your IT resources? Veritas Appliances with NetBackup software is the best one-stop-shop solution, allowing you to store data from over 800 different data sources and over 60 cloud storage targets all with a single platform.  NetBackup Media Server Deduplication Pool Cloud Tier (MSDP-C) enables you to back up and restore data from cloud Storage as a Service (STaaS) vendors.

Storage Efficiency 

The most confronted factor organizations consider when choosing a long-term retention storage platform solution is the storage cost.

The deduplication engine in the NetBackup Media Server Deduplication Pool (MSDP) stores the data in storage optimized and portable format and is designed to transport to any compatible target on any infrastructure. It also features storage efficiency technologies such as deduplication and compression to reduce egress and ingress costs to and from the cloud. Customers have seen space savings up to 95% which means a lower storage bill at the end of the month. NetBackup can write this deduplicated data directly to local storage as well as or in addition to writing it in the cloud resulting in significant cost savings for your local and cloud storage. NetBackup uses SHA-2 (SHA256) for the hash algorithm. The chunk segment size unit used to compute fingerprints is by default a fixed length of 128 KB or configurable to a variable-length size based on the chunk boundary. You have an option to encrypt deduplicated data. Both compression and encryption (if enabled) are performed after the fingerprint is calculated and prior to sending data to the target storage. NetBackup 9.1 adds support for Immutable Object storage to ensure backup data cannot be tampered with.


NetBackup security and encryption provide protection for all parts of NetBackup operations on NetBackup master servers, media servers, storage server, and attached clients. The backup data is protected through encryption processes and vaulting. NetBackup data that is sent over the network is protected by dedicated and secure network ports. To ensure optimal security, Veritas NetBackup includes encryption features for data at rest and in motion. You can encrypt your data before you send it to the cloud. NetBackup uses the Key Management Service (KMS) to manage the keys for the data encryption for cloud disk storage. KMS is a NetBackup master server-based symmetric key management service. The service runs on the NetBackup master server.


MSDP-C can support both local storage and multiple cloud storage targets. Based on the workloads, you can run Veritas Flex Appliances storage server, media server, or master server containers on the same physical server. After you configure the MSDP storage server, you can add a cloud storage target to that storage server, and then the MSDP-C can store data directly in the cloud target. No matter where your data is, Veritas Appliances can help you protect and control valuable digital assets.

Veritas appliances are designed for simplicity. It is very easy to set up cloud storage. The following describes a summary of the required steps to configure an appliance for MSDP cloud applications:

  1. Create an MSDP storage server on the appliances. 
  2. Log in to the NetBackup web UI and configure the MSDP cloud storage as follows:
  • Create a disk pool.
  • Create a storage unit.

 Here is a video that shows how easy it is to add a cloud tier: Flex Appliances Cloud Integration.

It is clear that enterprises want to simplify data management and reduce IT complexity. Veritas NetBackup MSDP-C server cloud tier provides data protection to your data regardless of whether they are in the data center or the cloud. Veritas NetBackup Appliances and Flex Appliances include NetBackup, the industry leader in data protection software, providing an efficient, secure, and simple solution.

Rachel Zhu
Senior Principal Technical Marketing, SDS and Appliances
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