A Day in the Life of a Malware Hunter!


Do you ever wonder how our engineers stay on top of the latest viral malware trends? What processes do they follow to test and discover how a malware strain or virus will interact with Veritas solutions? What is their day like working in an isolated environment? 

It all happens in Veritas REDLab, a fully isolated lab where our teams proactively validate our cyber-resilience capabilities, including anomaly detection, malware detection, and product security.  In my interview below with Veritas REDLab leader, Sonali Jeurkar, she provides a great overview of the Veritas REDLab and what sets it apart from the traditional RED team in most organizations.

Watch the video for an overview of the Veritas REDLab.

In my second conversation with Sonali Jeurkar, she walks me through a day in the life of a REDLab engineer. In our insightful conversation, Sonali shares how these skilled team members:

  • Research and identify the latest trends in cybersecurity threats
  • Acquire and isolate through official channels new malware variations
  • Observe the behaviors and impact on Veritas solutions in isolation
  • Provide mitigation and remediation solutions and close gaps in the system
  • Report critical updates to product teams so they can better secure our products 

Watch the video for a first-hand view on what it’s like to be a REDLab engineer.

Eric Wiggins
Cyber Resiliency Expert