A Great Oracle Backup Solution Just got Better With the Release of NetBackup 8.3

Protection July 28, 2020

Before we start talking about new features, I’d like to remind folks what we’ve done to protect Oracle workloads…for years. Veritas NetBackup™ currently protects over 200 PB of Oracle data, with over 50 million backups run each week. Some of the features have been around for a while, including:

  • Full RMAN integration. 
  • Auto-discovery of Oracle Instances. 
  • Scriptless protection via Oracle Intelligent Policies. 
  • RMAN Script enabled for custom protection. 
  • Co-Pilot (Appliance-specific feature) provides incremental backups forever that minimize data movement and provide full recovery points for low RTOs that also update the RMAN catalog. 
  • Broad Oracle platform support.

NetBackup 8.3 adds several improvements around RAC protection, security management, and performance. Newly supported features include:

  • Oracle protection now in the web UI (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. Get an overview of your Oracle Instances, Instance groups and RAC databases.

  • RAC improvements—Simplified Oracle protection:
    • Auto-discover and catalog RAC Instances to be protected that dynamically adjusts to added or offline nodes (including Co-Pilot). (See Figure 2.)
    • Credential management for RAC (see Figure 3).
    • Stop scripting backups—RMAN scripts are created “just in time,” removing the need for script management and coordination for protection.
    • DBA control over configuration, modification, and protection (nboraadm).

Figure 2. View all your RAC databases.

  • Oracle Wallet integration:
    • Save time and headaches by enabling protection access without exchanging usernames and passwords.

Figure 3. Manage your RAC database credentials efficiently.

  • Improved Oracle performance:
    • Reduce storage costs by ~20% with improved Oracle Deduplication stream handler (see Figure 4).
    • Improved backup performance by parallelizing large files across multiple channels using RMAN SectionSize (web UI and Java UI).

Figure 4. Load-balancing to control the data streams.

To top it off, all these features are also available via restful APIs. If it’s in the NetBackup web UI, it has an API!

To learn more about the other exciting new features in NetBackup 8.3, visit:

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