Veritas Enterprise Vault 14.0 is now Generally Available

Einblicke November 16, 2020

I am very pleased to announce the General Availability of Veritas Enterprise Vault 14.

This much-awaited release contains new and exciting features that will help Veritas customers address key challenges and further expand Veritas’ leadership in the Digital Compliance space.

Key highlights of the release include:

  • Flexible deployment on AWS and Azure –  Enterprise Vault now supports Amazon S3 and Azure Blob as Primary Storage when EV is deployed in Amazon and Azure Cloud respectively. In Amazon, you can encrypt archived data at rest using Amazon S3 Server-Side Encryption. EV supports multiple authentication methods, including IAM Role when hosted in Amazon. For highly classified US intelligence agencies, EV supports Amazon Commercial Cloud (C2S) and Azure GovCloud. Four new connectors are introduced to support cloud storage. With Enterprise Vault support for cloud-native services, many existing customers will now be able to expedite their plan of migrating on-prem workloads to the cloud to get the benefits of a cloud platform like availability, reliability, and most important cost efficiency. EV in cloud can be managed and administered in the same way as it is done today on-prem so there is no additional cost involved in the new learning curve.
  • Veritas Advanced Supervision (VAS) – Advanced Supervision is a web-based Next-Gen supervision solution to meet a wide variety of regulatory requirements. It is a common supervision client for Enterprise Vault and Enterprise customers. It has Intelligent Review that uses machine learning to mark items as either relevant or irrelevant. Machine learning not only expedites the overall review process but increases the accuracy of reviews as well. Click here to know more about Veritas Advanced Supervision.
  • Classification – EV 14 includes the latest release of Veritas Information Classifier, which adds several new classification policies to help users identify COVID-19 data, Ransomware Note policies, and Personal and Sensitive data policies for Argentina, China, Hong Kong, and 5 other countries. The new COVID policies are going to be very useful for helping healthcare companies around the world, but the ransomware and data privacy policies apply to virtually any industry. Classification is going to be very valuable to manage data that will continue to grow YoY.
  • Content sources – With Veritas’ recent acquisition of Globanet, EV 14 supports all major content sources natively via Merge1, from social media and instant messaging to collaboration tools and financial connectors. Add in our robust partner ecosystem, and Veritas now leads with support for over 100 content sources. The Merge1 team just released Zoom connectors for voice and video capture, and you’ll hear more about other emerging releases soon.
  • Core Enhancements
    • In Veritas Compliance and Discovery Accelerator, you can now choose to convert messages in EML to MSG format while performing an export. After conversion, you can preview items in Outlook natively.
    • The existing expiry report has been enhanced to support all archive types. Now you can launch the report from Outlook Add-in, Enterprise Vault Search, and Vault Admin Console as well. You can choose to enable/disable expiry reports for users via a Search policy.
    • With EV 14.0, you can now choose whether to include attachments as part of the search criteria in EVS Advanced Search.
    • EV14.0 supports the latest CUs of Exchange and SQL. Please refer to Enterprise Vault Software Compatibility Chart for more details.

For more details refer to the below links.

The GA software and the associated license keys are available to customers and partners from the MyVeritas portal.

Amol Botre
Principal Product Manager and Digital Compliance
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