Veritas and Fujitsu a Long-Term Strategic Partnership Together in Transformation

Veritas Perspektiven March 08, 2023

Successful partnerships pave the way for mutual benefits, achieving shared goals, and creating outcomes for mutual customers that would be difficult to accomplish independently. With today’s complexity of global business operations, partnership-based models enable organizations to offer more holistic, end-to-end solutions to their customers.

Veritas has a relationship with Fujitsu that spans more than three decades – creating a rich and deep-rooted partner ecosystem that is rare given the fast-moving and complex nature of modern business. The partnership is grounded in the complementary nature of our technology and services, our shared values, and our focus on jointly investing in and delivering leading solutions for our customers.

Our mutual customers benefit from coordinated business planning and a streamlined approach that stretches from sales to technical and support functions. The relationship is designed to have customers feel they are working with a single entity, gaining access to a more comprehensive portfolio of the latest technologies, solutions, and expertise.

Together we provide a unified data management experience that is unmatched in terms of performance, cost efficiency and versatility from edge to core to cloud. This proposition is supported by global strategic interests and technical roadmaps that build on the past 30 years to envision the next 30 years. This long-term thinking defines our joint approach and offers the trust and confidence our customers need as they make the long journey of transforming from legacy to modern IT infrastructure and into the future.

In my video below, I share my perspectives on how Veritas and Fujitsu jointly deliver data management at scale – and what it means for our global customer base.

Dennis Deane
Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances Veritas