NetBackup Flex release 2.1 adds resilience to the Appliance Multi-Layer Immutable Architecture

Schutz December 06, 2021

A simple way to protect your valuables is to install a safe in a hidden spot in your house. This prevents a thief from easily stealing your valuables, but it does not prevent him from getting into the house and wandering around. Once inside the house he could find items you neglected to put in the safe or see things that you would rather he didn’t see. You really need to protect your whole house in addition to the safe with your most valuable assets. 

The best way to protect your house is to take a multi-layered approach. A fence around the perimeter, motion detectors on the outside, strong locks on your doors, and sensors on your window. 

We take a multilayered approach for resilience and security with our NetBackup Flex Appliances. With our Immutable Architecture, we protect your infrastructure along with your data. 

Immutable storage is at the core of the immutable architecture in NetBackup Flex Appliances. Immutable storage keeps your data secure and adds resilience to a ransomware attack. It is at the core of immutable architecture, like the safe in your house.

To protect your infrastructure (or house in the analogy) the NetBackup Flex appliance immutable architecture has multiple layers. The outer layer is an intrusion detection and intrusion prevention (IDS/IPS) to identify unauthorized actors from getting into the system.   

The next layer is a hardened and secure operating system. The hardened OS is configured with policies based on years of experience building secure and resilient appliances.  

NetBackup Flex container technology is the third layer.  Data, workloads, and I/O are logically isolated from each other so there is no visibility between namespaces in the NetBackup Flex Appliance. 

The good news is when you deploy a NetBackup Flex Appliance you not only get immutable storage for protecting your most valuable data, you also get the multi-layer Immutable Architecture to protect your whole infrastructure. NetBackup Flex Appliances are the fastest way to add ransomware resilience and security to your data and whole infrastructure.

On December 6, Veritas released NetBackup Flex 2.1 with further enhancements to security and with support for IPv6, FIPS 140-2, and STIG, log forwarding, external certificates, and active directory.  

Release 2.1 also included enhancements for APIs and automation with the integration of APIs for external 3rd party management and monitoring for operational efficiency. Support for tools like Grafana to monitor the performance of the platform and instances on NetBackup Flex are included in the 2.1 release.

To find out more about NetBackup Flex release 2.1 and how NetBackup Flex Appliances are the fastest path to ransomware resilience, visit the NetBackup Flex Appliance Page. Also, watch this video highlighting the benefits of the NetBackup Flex Appliance.

Roger Stein
Product Marketing Manager, Appliances
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