NetBackup Cloud delivers greater scale and durability

Schutz September 08, 2022

Greetings, Veritas Community!

Imagine data protection that just happens.

Earlier this year, I announced our vision to deliver data protection that’s autonomous, frictionless, and requires very little user interaction but with security assurance. The launch of Veritas' Cloud Scale Technology architecture in March was our first step.

Now, with today’s release of NetBackup 10.1, we’re reinforcing and expanding this foundation to support even more of your critical platform-as-a-service workloads across all major cloud providers. And we’re delivering greater network isolation to eliminate vulnerability gaps within your environment and ensure clean recovery.

Control your cloud: scalable, durable, and cost-optimized

With more tools to manage cloud resources more efficiently, you can optimize cloud costs even more with NetBackup 10.1, saving you money on infrastructure and cloud storage.

  • Expanded backup and recovery support for platform-as-a-service (PaaS) workloads across all major cloud providers.
  • Cloud object storage that’s simple, scalable, and durable to protect even the largest workloads, including unstructured data, cost-effectively in the cloud.
  • Adding to the industry's broadest support for Kubernetes, new image duplication for the tiering of backup storage (SLP) and AIR support provides additional protection if one of the storage locations is lost or damaged.
  • Streamlined management of Cassandra big-data workloads with cluster-consistent agentless backup and recovery and expanded coverage for large Oracle databases.

Fortifying your perimeter for stronger cyber resilience

With NetBackup 10.1, we’ve eliminated the need for additional infrastructure and ancillary software when isolating and protecting your data from threats while extending threat detection to modern application workloads.

  • Expanded air-gap support creates an isolation boundary around your existing firewall. And by strictly using a pull method, NetBackup further eliminates the risk of introducing malicious activity from production to an isolated recovery environment.
  • Support for BYOS offers you another storage option while ensuring that your data remains immutable and indelible in an isolated and unreachable environment, built on a platform featuring encryption and aligned to Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) requirements.
  • Accelerated incident response with easy integration of near-real-time threat intelligence into your early warning systems (SIEM/SOAR) using anomaly and malware scan alerts stored within system logs.
  • Automatic pausing of data protection activities (including backups, duplication, and expiration) for a protected asset when a malware scan detects an infection in a backup image.
  • Integrated malware scanning is now available for VMware workloads.

Better together: NSP and NITA enhancements

Integrated into NetBackup in the last release, NetBackup SaaS Protection (NSP) now offers more granular control over RBAC, greater depth and improved fidelity and performance of M365 backups, and improvements to simplify the user interface.

NetBackup IT Analytics (NITA), also fully integrated as of the NetBackup 10 release, expanded core offerings with a Ransomware Scorecard, which measures your ransomware resilience and readiness regarding data protection and recoverability. And, with new cost reports of Azure subscriptions, you can determine which region's Azure subscriptions cost the most. 

NetBackup 10.1 represents another significant milestone in our journey to achieve our vision for Autonomous Data Protection, where data protection just happens – without the overhead and hassle of installing, purchasing, and managing hardware and storage.

Join us at our next Conquer Every Cloud event on October 19 to learn more about our journey to deliver the industry’s first AI-powered autonomous data management solution. Attend the business and technical sessions for a deep dive into many of these new features.

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Doug Matthews
SVP, Data Protection Product Management
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