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NetBackup 10.1.1 / 5.1.1 Hotfix - MSDP Direct Cloud Tiering EEB bundle with the latest fixes (Etrack 4115990)

HotFix Critical


MSDP Direct Cloud Tiering EEB bundle with the latest fixes for 10.1.1


Veritas Bug ID: ET 4115990


Problem Description: MSDP Direct Cloud Tiering EEB bundle with the latest fixes for 10.1.1


Version:  NetBackup 10.1.1 / 5.1.1


Installation Location:  Server (MSDP Cloud server)


Fixes in included:

ET 4112773: Add retries to VxFS VX_SETEXT ioctl on failure if errno is EINTR. EINTR indicates that the system call was interrupted by a signal.
ET 4114208: Retry EINTR failure from fstatfs for VxFS.
ET 4099826: Prevent ocsd and fips_proxy launched as root inside cluster engines. Force the ocsd process launched by the same owner as db directory (msdpsvc user). The fips_proxy is launched by ocsd, inheriting the same user from ocsd.
ET 4117580: msdpcldutil adding NBU cacert '/usr/openv/var/global/cloud/cacert.pem'
ET 4111137: msdpclduitl proxy Azure support.
ET 4111093: msdpclduitl proxy AWS support.
ET 4120887: Fix the ocsd core dump.
ET 4092872: msdpcldutil add cacert for LAN enviornment S3 compatible storage.
ET 4109676: check backup/admin permission in msdpcldutil.
ET 4110364: add verbose mode for msdpcldutil platform checkperm.
ET 4119969: Ready pem from older path for NBU upgraded from older versions.
ET 4126740: Add OCSD log cleanup to manage the retention of its logs. Implementing a thread that runs every 24 hours to perform cleanup for files that are older than 30 days.
ET 4127951: Fix core dump issue, when there are no log files during OCSD log cleanup.
ET 4124651: Utility to recover (DR) from Azure soft deletion in case NBU/MSDP catalogs are gone by mistake.
ET 4127995: Unable to update WORM properties from webUI when IMDSv2 is in Required mode.
ET 4127730: Backups failing with disk volume down when triggered after 18 hours of last backup.
ET 4127428: In ocsd logs show correctly IMDSv1 and IMDSv2.
ET 4123251: MSDPC WORM creation with msdpcldutil failure : MissingRegion: could not find region configuration.
ET 4125615: In AWS CLI, I was able to modify/ remove objects even after object lock on the bucket with immutable volume and bucket.
ET 4133672: When handle soft delete, it should select the correct the version ID in msdpcldutil command. Fix the debug message error in msdpcldutil command.
ET 4133919: Verify the podb.journal in msdpcldutil.
ET 4135313: Fix the timestamp issue in msdpcludtil image command.
ET 4136545: Fail to set WORM retention in backup in AWS_RVLT.
ET 4137134: msdpcldutil need add retry for blob recover.
ET 4138686: No need to check bypass permmission before doing bypass deletion.
ET 4138521: Fix msdpcldutil image list/recover error.
ET 4132589: Check if the specified storage class is supported for config files.
ET 4145556: Avoid hang and storage server down from badly behaving cloud LSU. 
Allow operations in parallel to avoid receive loop hang on unresponsive request. 
Add delay and abort queued up attempts before allowing a retry to load the storage configuration, if the cloud provider is not responding.
ET 4157357: catdbutil CLI is failing for AWS on 10.1.1 Media server.
ET 4156337: Avoid crash in ocsd if blob.versionID is nil


Version 10 Adds/Includes:
ET 4160003: Cloud space reclaim is not working for pre-10.2 releases after disabling worm image and expiration with bypass permission.


Installation Instructions:


Install EEB On: MSDP Cloud server


1. Stop NBU services.
2. Uninstall any previous version of this EEB (4115990 versions 1-9) before installing.
3. If not an NBU appliance, please run the EEB installer.
4. Start NBU services.


Please follow the EEB Installer instructions below.


Using the NetBackup Emergency Engineering Binary (EEB) installer


Installing EEBs on a NetBackup Appliance


Installing EEBs/Add-ons on a NetBackup Flex Appliance



Binary Package Contents and checksums for all files (cksum):


File                                                                                            Checksum         Byte count
linuxR_x86/ocsd                                                                     1251955034    19223384
linuxR_x86/msdpcldutil                                                         1108344283    19492064
linuxR_x86/            1452810108    5121

Recommended service state:
Stop all NetBackup services before applying this hotfix.

Applies to the following product releases

Update files

File name Description Version Platform Size