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Netbackup Appliance Maintenance Release 3

Maintenance release Critical


NetBackup Appliance Maintenance Release 3; includes NetBackup Appliance 4.0, MR1/MR2, NetBackup and additional critical product and security fixes.


NetBackup Appliance Maintenance Release 3 (MR3) is a full package that includes NetBackup Appliance 4.0, MR1/MR2 and NetBackup content. MR3 also includes additional critical product and security fixes specific to NetBackup Appliance. MR3 also includes Log4j 2.17.1 to address the Log4j vulnerabilities.


Maintenance Release 3 can be installed only on the following NetBackup Appliance releases: 

  • NetBackup Appliance 4.0 (4.0, Maintenance Release 1, Maintenance Release 2)
  • NetBackup Appliance or any 3.3.0.x Maintenance Release
  • NetBackup Appliance 3.2 or any 3.2 Maintenance Release


Update files

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