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NetBackup Appliance 4.0 Hotfix - AMS database is missing after upgrade(ET4036220)

HotFix Critical


This Hotfix resolves Appliance Management Server (AMS) database migration issue during the Upgrade to NetBackup Appliance 4.0


Starting from NBA 4.0, MongoDB is upgraded to 4.x, the data format of the database
also changes accordingly. In order to resolve the format compatibility problem
during the upgrade, it is necessary to dump the data before the upgrade and restore
the data after upgrade complete. However, the AMS database is omitted in the
For the upgrade from NBA 3.x to NBA 4.0 GA, the backup of this DB would have been
done during the AURA running before the upgrade, this EEB will restore this DB
after the upgrade.

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Installation steps:

  1. Download the EEB (NBAPP_EEB_ET4036220- upload it to appliance that is configured as Appliance Management Server.

  2. Login to the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu .

  3. Install the EEB using command Manage > Software > Install.

  4. You can see the message "[Info] Successfully installed the EEB" if the installation completes successfully.

Update files

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Applies to the following product releases