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NetBackup 8.2 / 3.2 HotFix - EEB Bundle containing multiple nbsl and nbsl.exe fixes (Etrack 4002172)



EEB Bundle containing multiple fixes to the nbsl process for NetBackup 8.2


Veritas Bug ID: ET 4002172


Version: NetBackup 8.2


Issue: NBSL EEB Bundle containing multiple NBSL fixes for 8.2


Problem Description:  NBSL EEB Bundle containing multiple NBSL fixes for 8.2


Version 4 fixes include:


ET 3970793: After upgrade to 8.1.2 Storage Unit and Storage Unit Group data collection failing
ET 3995784: [Cloud][Cluster]While creating cloud storage server , not able to list master in media server name list
ET 3982998: Need 8.2 version of EEB for ET3970793 - STU / STU Group collectors failing in OpsCenter
ET 4010158: Duplication to cloud fails.
ET 3984435: Upgrade PCRE from v8.40 to v8.43

ET 3983954: NBSL crashing every night after upgrade to 8.2
ET 4013370 - Fix to keep context as NONE when media server nbsl communicates with master server nbsl to prevent secure communication failure
ET 3990280 - Setting up OpsCenter context while sending events
ET 3991760 - Fix to prevent the outbound calls from destrucutors to avoid the nbsl crashes
ET 4006143 - Similar fix - Only change included from ServiceManagerExImpl.cpp
ET 4007892 - After upgrading NBU to 8.2 and applying the EEB bundle the Storage Unit and Storage Unit Group collectors are failing in OpsCenter

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Install on: Server (Master or Media)


EEB Installer instructions:


Using the NetBackup Emergency Engineering Binary (EEB) installer


Installing EEBs on a NetBackup 52x0 / 5330 Appliance






Checksums for all files (cksum):


File                                          Checksum        Byte count

linuxR_x86/nbsl                    1295289088    52655634
AMD64/nbsl.exe                   4172287562    20743168
linuxS_x86/nbsl                    1554501171     51915470
solaris/nbsl                            3955088689    88376816
solaris_x86/nbsl                   1143052501    110995520
zlinuxS/nbsl                           3102832969    55138027
zlinuxR/nbsl                           1668611501    55845718

Recommended service state:


Stop all NetBackup services before applying this hotfix.

Update files

File name Description Version Platform Size

Applies to the following product releases