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NetBackup 8.0 / 3.0 Hotfix - MSDP MD5-SHA256 FP pre-conversion (Etrack 3956406)



HotFix for NetBackup 8.0 / 3.0 MSDP EEB Bundle for MD5-SHA256 FP pre-conversion


Veritas Bug ID: ET 3956406


Version: NetBackup 8.0


Installation Location: Server


Problem Description:
A hotfix is available for NetBackup 8.0 MSDP which is an MSDP Pre-Fingerprint conversion EEB to remediate 8.1+ upgrade conversion performance degradation and excessive space consumption.


NetBackup 8.1+ changes the MSDP fingerprint algorithm from MD5 to SHA2 which brings some performance issues in a upgraded system.

The idea behind this new solution is to make a NetBackup 8.0 EEB, with this EEB, MSDP will generate FP mapping files in the background before upgrading to NetBackup 8.1+.

After upgrading the media server to NetBackup 8.1+ and applying the 8.1+ EEB bundle(3935219 for 8.1, 3942191 for 8.1.1, 3956103 for 8.1.2), MSDP can use these FP Mapping files to reduce the performance downgrade of FP changes.


Fixes Included:  

8.0 MSDP Pre-Fingerprint conversion EEB to remediate 8.1+ upgrade conversion performance degradation and excessive space consumption


Also included in Version 6:

ET 3935874: Storage discrepency between 2 sites
ET 3920243: After upgrade disk pool keeps going down with multi threaded agents timed out errors - similar to ET 3916879
ET 3924548: AIR Replication rate is slower than bandwithlimit setting
ET 3990312: Enhancement for accurate MSDP conversion rate


More details can be reviewed in this knowledge base article.


Note:  Depending on the size of the MSDP storage, this pre-fingerprint conversion should be installed/started 1 to 2 months prior to an attempt to upgrade to NetBackup 8.1.+

Read me

Installation Instructions:


The upgrade process has been divided into these steps:
Step 1: Install the HotFix on the 8.0 server(s).
Step 2: Run normal jobs with 8.0 pre-conversion hotfix in place. Check the conversion progress every several days and be certain the percent complete value is increasing.  Use the command "crcontrol --fpconvertstate" to check the progress. The output will show the percent complete.
Step 3: When the total progress of the conversion shows it is %100, upgrade to 8.1+ and immediately apply the associated 8.1+ MSDP EEB Bundle


Detailed Instructions:

  1. Stop NBU service
  2. Apply this EEB.
  3. Start NBU service.
  4. Using "crcontrol --fpconvertstate" to check FP conversion progress.
  5. When the progress is 100%, upgrade to NetBackup 8.1+.
  6. Stop NBU service.
  7. Apply 8.1+ EEB bundle(3935219 for 8.1, 3942191 for 8.1.1, 3956103 for 8.1.2).
  8. Start NBU service.
  9. Wait spoold cache loading by checking the following message in spoold.log.

            === spoold.log ===
            ThreadMain: Data Store nodes have completed cache loading(Complete Cache).

   10. Run backups. For data that has not changed, the dedup ratio should be close to 100%.


Please follow the EEB Installer instructions:


Installing EEBs on a NetBackup 52x0 / 5330 Appliance


Using the NetBackup Emergency Engineering Binary (EEB) installer


HotFix for NetBackup 8.0 MSDP EEB Bundle for MD5-SHA256 FP pre-conversion






Checksums for all files (cksum):


File                                              Checksum         Byte count
AMD64/crcontrol.exe              3588229981     76288
AMD64/dcrA.dll                       1085059492      589312
AMD64/dcr.dll                          622610485        607232
AMD64/dcscan.exe                 2110236942     1470976
AMD64/dctA.dll                       3223700375      561152
AMD64/dct.dll                         1608278922     561152
AMD64/spoold.exe                2109445818     1386496
linuxR_x86/crcontrol             1677779641     148129
linuxR_x86/dcscan                161965177       2095408
linuxR_x86/                3599632540    1378629
linuxR_x86/              1662429677    1169231
linuxR_x86/spoold                 3869297276    2037329
linuxS_x86/crcontrol             536718168      116686
linuxS_x86/dcscan                3854863673    1734386
linuxS_x86/                3220703073    856837
linuxS_x86/             3302268726    759731
linuxS_x86/spoold                3430574875    1689430


Update files

File name Description Version Platform Size

Applies to the following product releases