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Netbackup Appliance Maintenance Release 4

Maintenance release Critical


NetBackup Appliance Maintenance Release 4; includes NetBackup Appliance 4.0, MR1/MR2/MR3, NetBackup and additional critical product and security fixes.


NetBackup Appliance Maintenance Release 4 (MR4) is a full package that includes NetBackup Appliance 4.0, MR1/MR2/MR3 and NetBackup content. MR4 also includes additional critical product and security fixes specific to NetBackup Appliance. MR4 also supports new Dell 2U12 JBOD (MD1400) Storage, Broadcom NIC card and Intel Gen4 RAID Controller.


MR4 can be installed only on the following NetBackup Appliance releases: 

•    4.0, MR1, MR2, MR3
•, MR1, MR2, MR3, MR1, MR2
•    3.2, 3.2 MR1, 3.2 MR2, 3.2 MR3

Update files

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