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BE 21.3 Hotfix 467719

HotFix Critical


Hotfix for Backup Exec 21.3


This update will patch Backup Exec 21.3 (21.0.1200.2255) to Backup Exec 21.3 (21.0.1200.2268)


Issue(s) Resolved

  • GRT sets duplicated from disk to cloud dedupe write to local dedupe folder which fills up the local drive space and Job then fails with 0xe0001203 error
  • Backup to HPE StoreOnce fails post upgrade to BE 21.3 with 84EC error (no byte count)
  • Dedupe stats are not provided in the job log when duplicating GRT backup sets from disk to cloud dedupe


Affected versions

  • Backup Exec 21.3 x64bit Media Servers
  • Backup Exec 21.3 Agent for Windows Servers
  • Backup Exec 21.3 x64bit Remote Administration Console
  • Backup Exec 21.3 Remote Media Agent for Linux Servers
  • Backup Exec 21.3 Remote Agent for Linux and Unix Servers



  • Administrative privileges are required to install this Feature Pack. 
  • Backup Exec 21.3


Post requisites

  • A full backup is recommended after installing this Feature Pack.
  • Remote Agent for Windows Servers will need to be updated after installing this Feature Pack.
  • Remote Agent for Linux/Unix Servers (RALUS/RAMS) will need to be updated after installing this Feature Pack.  
  • Update SDR media.
  • Veritas recommends to reboot the system(s) after applying a Hotfix or Feature Pack.


Uninstalling this Update

This Update cannot be uninstalled.

Update files

File name Description Version Platform Size

Applies to the following product releases

Knowledge base


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