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NetBackup Appliance 2.7.3 / 3.0 Hotfix - suppress false alerts when updates to MongoDB are slow



Suppress false alerts when the updates to MongoDB are very slow for Appliance release 2.7.3 and 3.0


The update process for appliance health status to MongoDB is very slow. As a result, the health status of the appliance may be temporarily irretrievable or incorrect. This will generate AutoSupport alerts. But the events are non-actionable or does not require attention. Therefore it is unnecessary to notify users via an emailed alert.

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Error Message

An example email alert is shown below: 

Time of event: 2016-07-21 13:23:23 (+10:00)

UMI Event code: V-475-113-1006

Component Type: Temperature

Component: P1 Therm Margin

Status: Cpu Temperature Not Available


Additional information about this error is available at following...


The health status of the appliance is temporarily irretrievable or incorrect due to the extended update interval for MongoDB components.


The hot-fix suppresses the sending of the alerts to prevent users from receiving unnecessary emails. Once installed, the events that trigger the unnecessary UMI codes will be monitored and reported, but the emailed alerts will not be sent.

Apply the hotfix that corresponds to your Appliance NetBackup version. 

Note:  The hotfix for NetBackup Appliance 3.0 also contains the fix for BBU non-operational alerts. If you have installed that hotfix, you do not need to install the MongoDB hotfix discussed here.

Update files

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Applies to the following product releases