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NetBackup 8.1.2 Hotfix - DFSR backup takes several days to complete (Etrack 3965078)



DFSR backup takes more than 3 days to complete Etrack 3965078


Veritas Bug ID: ET 3965078


Version: NetBackup 8.1.2


A HotFix is available which resolves the issue documented in Etrack 3965078

This issue was introduced in NBU 8.1 (ET 3938993) and is documented in Article


Fix Included resolves: 

DFSR backup takes more than 3 days to complete


Install on: Client


Readme Notes:

NetBackup services do not need to be stopped - however, no bpbkar32.exe processes

should be active on the client at the time the binary is installed.


EEB Installer instructions:


Using the NetBackup Emergency Engineering Binary (EEB) installer


How To Install a NetBackup Emergency Engineering Binary (EEB) using VxUpdate


Read me



Zip file contents:




Checksums for all files (cksum):


File     Checksum   Byte count

AMD64/bpbkar32.exe   1135059845   2598912


Update files

File name Description Version Platform Size

Applies to the following product releases