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NetBackup Appliance 3.1.2 HotFix - Split Brain and Megasr driver update (article 100044815)

HotFix Critical


NetBackup Appliance 3.1.2 Split Brain & Megasr driver update EEB


The following describes the appliance software versions that are valid for this EEB and the issue that it resolves:

  • This EEB is applicable only for NetBackup Appliance software version 3.1.2.
  • If you have already upgraded your appliance with the updated 3.1.2 re-spin rpm, the fix in the EEB is included. Therefore, EEB installation is not required. However, the EEB is removed if you perform a factory reset. To verify if this EEB has already been installed on your appliance, use the Manage > Software > List EEBs command and check if the NBAPP_EEB_ET3964405- package appears.
  • This EEB fixes the following issues: 
  • In some scenarios, a 'split brain' issue may be occur which prevents the vxvm volumes from mounting until the issue is resolved.
  • An incorrect nbftsrvr component debug level causes performance issues on appliances with 16 Gbps FC HBA cards.
  • Updates the RAID 1 megasr driver.
  • This EEB can be installed on configured or unconfigured appliances.
  • You must reboot the appliance manually after the EEB installation has completed.

This package contains the following EEB:

  • NBAPP_EEB_ET3964405-



When an appliance is upgraded or a system is abruptly rebooted during certain VxVM operations, during the next boot the disk group might fail to import due to a serial ‘split brain’ issue. The following related messages appear in syslog:

V-5-1-9576 Split Brain. da id is 0.1, while dm id is 0.0 for dm


To resolve this issue, the Veritas Storage Foundation team has published a hotfix that is also included in this EEB. With the above code fix in place, the DG import would correct the false ‘split brain’ situation and correctly import the disk group without a ‘split brain’ error.

In NetBackup Appliance release 3.1.2, the NetBackup default debug level and the nbftsrvr component debug level have been raised to level 6 before role configuration, for troubleshooting purposes. This causes performance issues on appliances with 16 Gbps FC HBA cards. This EEB resolves the issue by restoring the debug log levels to the default settings.

This EEB also updates the RAID 1 megasr driver, which may potentially fix a RAID1 offline issue.

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Installing the EEB on an appliance

If the EEB is to be installed on a High Availability appliance then please contact Veritas Support for assistance quoting this article as further steps are required.

To download and install the EEB on an appliance (either configured or not configured):

  1. Log in to the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu and navigate to Main_Menu > Manage > Software.
  2. Run the following command: Share Open.
  3. Mount the share folder on the host where you downloaded the EEB: /inst/patch/incoming
  4. Copy the EEB to the mounted share folder.
  5. Log in to the appliance shell menu and run the following command: Manage > Software > Share Close
  6. To list the EEB, run the following command: Manage > Software > List downloaded
  7. Run the following command to install the listed EEB: Install NBAPP_EEB_ET3964405-


EEB Rollback

Rolling back this EEB does not remove the Split Brain & Megasr driver update from the appliance.

To roll back the EEB, do the following: 

  1. In the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu, navigate to Manage > Software.
  2. Run the following commandRollback NBAPP_EEB_ET3964405-


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